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Monthly Horoscope Pisces

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Monthly Horoscope Pisces


Monthly Horoscope April 2015

The monthly horoscope for Pisces indicates fulfillment of relationships with ease. This includes relationships that involve friendship, sex or love. Pisces will have great success following dreams and being independent in your actions. Pisces birth chart includes a majority of the planets located in its lower region.

Venus will contribute much to your success in attracting mates this month. It is likely that other people will appreciate Pisces for your originality. This will lead to friendship and possible dating scenarios. Although Pisces will find gratitude from others, it is likely that your love and sex life will be unstable. Pisces should not make any major changes to romantic partnerships this month. Pisces will have a challenging month in terms of emotional stress.

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Monthly Horoscope March 2015

March 2015 is a time for Pisces to reevaluate their relationship needs and desires. Physically and emotionally Pisces wants to tread lightly until this monthly phase passes. Pisces will feel restricted in their relationships and ability to get things done, this can make Pisces want to run and hide from the world. This monthly cycle is a good time for smoothing out complications that arose last month and will continue to surface this month. Pisces needs to review their choices and options in their loving relationships. This month is the time for Pisces to avoid unnecessary risks. This is a time to reevaluate and change what is not working for Pisces.

Monthly Horoscope December 2014

Pisces will have some interesting prospects during the first part of December 2014, as professional life will cross love relationships. During the second part of December, a social encounter will cross over into a love interest if single. If already a couple, work will somehow come into play in making your love life strong. Reaching personal goals will be high on your list of accomplishments and love interests will be there to cheer you on.

Pisces will enjoy a date if single, with someone that will listen to accomplishments that still need to be obtained. Pisces will feel someone needy near the very end of the month. Be strong Pisces! Someone will be there to help in being supportive of the goals and possibly career moves that need to be addressed.

Monthly Horoscope November 2014

Pisces are very aware of other peopleís interdependent nature. This monthly horoscope symbol of a fish also connotes the faith in religion. From mid November 2014, Uranus and Pluto will be at each otherís back; there has been an on-and-off battle between these two horoscope signs since the first half of 2011. Expect some heated arguments with your spouse on a number of issues including personal views, sense of style, finances and beliefs. To keep things in check, take your spouse out for a dinner date before any sexual encounter.

Towards the end of November, your inner-critic will be questioning, whether you have been successful enough in your recent dealings. If you are single and dating, Mercury will be sitting pretty, to guide you through your aspirations. Whatever plans you have, be careful not to burn any bridges. Pisces, rich fantasy life is highly attracted to Virgoís rich imaginations; Pisces loves Virgoís uncanny ability to hit up all the right buttons with utmost accuracy.

Monthly Horoscope October 2014

There is no better time than now for the Pisces in a relationship. This is a great moment to take a spontaneous trip with just the two of you. Think of something unique where you can soak in the culture as opposed to the sun. This will get you inspired and really feeling the love between each other. Consider enrolling in a cooking class or painting lessons together to really get your creative juices flowing.

The single Pisces needs to liven up the first part of the month. If you have been too serious as of late, then let your hair down a night or two. It will do you some good to dance the night away from a sexy stranger. Plus, it will also keep you open for more opportunities at the end of the month. The dating Pisces also holds the keys to their relationship this month. However, be careful with this power because it can easily bring great consequence just as it can bring happiness.

Monthly Horoscope September 2014

Pisces is very usually gentle and understanding. They are also generally accepting of different people and views because they are much more capable of empathizing with plight of others. For the single person, dating a Pisces partner can be very comforting and reassuring. Even though most Pisces are unlikely to take the lead on most matters, the presence of a Pisces in a relationship is bound to add strength to any project.

Pisces generally despise superficial interludes and quick flings in a relationship; nothing is potentially too odd for Pisces to offer when it comes to love, sex and interest. During the month of July and August, Pisces experienced a lot of natural charm. In the month of September, Venus will be moving around Pisces partnership sector. This means Pisces should soften his or her disposition for the sake of building bridges. When in a relationship as long as your ego does not interfere or clash with that of your partner, love should reign supreme. Although misunderstandings may occur, stay calm.

Monthly Horoscope August 2014

A Pisces engulfed in deep love is lost in ecstatic dreamland. For Pisces, love and sex are mutually the same thing. To Pisces, sex is a beautiful fantasy to be shared with a date or partner. Pisces is totally beholden to the loved one, however, all this may merely be a mirage which may end in disappointment. Pisces tends to live by fantasizing about a perfect love affair because the thought of hurting a loved oneís spirit is too much to bear.

The forecast for Pisces in the week of July 28 going into the month of August shows that two people in love are likely to quarrel about money which may culminate into an argument. You may seem to feel that love is getting the better of you to your date or partnerís advantage and this may breed resentment. Despite these sentiments give your lover a chance to make things right, because things are bound to improve and romance is likely to hit new highs for both of you.

Monthly Horoscope July 2014

Pisces, whether you're in a relationship or not, this is the time to return some of the focus to yourself. Pisces gives and gives, and gets used to getting very little in return. Even when Pisces recognizes this imbalance, there is little in your nature that inspires you to complain about it. Pisces must realize that what you think of as being selfish, is in no way selfish.

The single Pisces needs to go out and have some fun. Regardless of how self-indulgent Pisces attempts to be, your giving nature will ensure that you treat your partner respectfully. The encounter will enrich you both.

Monthly Horoscope June 2014

The monthly horoscope for Pisces may initially seem to predict conflict. However, this may be more due to the secretive nature of Pisces as opposed to the position of the stars. Keeping too many secrets can destroy relationships because it prevents honest communication. Pisces has a tendency to allow their imaginations to impede their better judgment, and this can wreak havoc on their relationships.

If Pisces can be careful and have good communication during the first 10 days of June, then the rest of the month should be much happier. Pisces who are involved in a relationship should take the time to express their true feelings and not assume that their partner already knows. Single Pisces can let that special someone know exactly how they really feel and take them out on a really memorable date. The natural intuition of Pisces, combined with Venus's powerful influence in June, can guide them in all aspects of their relationships.

Monthly Horoscope April 2014

The romantic life of all Pisces is being strongly influenced by the route that Jupiter is currently traveling. April is a month that holds many surprises for the Pisces who hopes to find love and adventure during the upcoming weeks.

Sex could just be the best way for you and your partner to reawaken that smoldering desire that still burns deep within your hearts. The single Pisces man will be extremely attractive to others during the spring and summer months. A single Pisces woman will prove difficult to resist as the early months of 2014 are proving to be her time to shine in the sun.

Monthly Horoscope March 2014

Venus is in Pisces until March 21 which makes Pisces especially attractive and more appealing to others. Pisces should focus some time this month on what makes them happy and try not to focus too much on others. This is fine for single Pisces but for those in a relationship, try including your partner with some of your dreams and fantasies.

This could lead to a spicy night in the bedroom! Pisces will also feel a surge in energy and vitality this month. Pisces should also take full advantage of this by being more confident and less self conscious. Pisces should use the month of March to increase physicality with their significant other and no one will be disappointed!

Monthly Horoscope February 2014

As a Pisces, you need to go with the flow when it comes to your job and you will be rewarded heavily for it. While you go with the flow in your daily life, you are going to be able to date an individual you have had your eye on for some time. However, as a Pisces, if this is an Aquarius, be mindful of the situation.

While going with the flow you don't want to become caught up in their travel adventures, as they are looking for education, while it is going to turn out you are looking for love and a new date. Either way, as a Pisces, you are going to have a very enjoyable month and it is going to be one of the best months of the year. This isn't to say all of the other months are going to be dangerous, but make sure to enjoy the month of February while you can.

Monthly Horoscope November

Jupiter has turned romance, for Pisces, into a time full of confident pursuits for intimate relationships and sexual encounters through dating. This has created opportunity for Pisces to express strong sexual desire and has made it possible to enjoy life. Doors are sure to open in the month of November for Pisces, in ways that are not expected, bringing new romantic prospects, and opportunities for the casual love affair. These doors will come in the form of art, recreation, romance, and entertainment.

There is no guarantee that any of these will lead to a long term relationship however, they will help to increase confidence and will ultimately open up even more doors than ever imagined. Jupiter is very connected with your career and therefore may provide opportunities for romance in the workplace . Expect the unexpected as it will help to keep that confidence level at 100%.

Monthly Horoscope October

Love is in the air for this monthly horoscope Pisces, as you find yourself attracted to someone charming. Hold on for an awesome month as October brings you compassion and kindness in a man or woman. Sex can become a topic of desire mid month for you attached Pisces. But beware of the rebound and possible relationship with the ex. If you have been experiencing fighting with your partner lately, do not fret, for calm seas are ahead - although they can be weighted with challenges. However, change can bring the serenity you have so desperately been seeking, Pisces.

Toward the end of the month you may decide it is the end of your relationship's road, but make sure it is not that you are just being moody. Emotions can run high in the last days of the month October for Pisces, single and attached - take care of yourself.

Monthly Horoscope September

Pisces love and work life will merge in September. Pisces who are recently single may be able to find a new relationship in the workplace. Dating a colleague can be a good or bad thing, how it plays out is yet to be seen. For Pisces in a committed relationship itís possible your significant other may show up at your office at least once this month for a lunch date. This could result in a workplace romp and a satisfying sexual experience at the office.

Pisces getting lucky at the office should still expect a heavy work load. In fact, itís possible that you may have more work than youíve had in a very long time. This could result in added stress in Pisces professional life. Keeping work stress out of the home will be a difficult task for Pisces this month. The added stress could cause emotions to run high with your significant other towards the end of the month.

Lucky days: 1, 12, 21

Off days: 9, 23, 31

Monthly Horoscope August

PISCES, this month Pisces will finally start to assert some discretion when it comes to who they decide to date. As much as Pisces hate to hurt someone else's feeling by turning them down, is a pity date really a better alternative? Pisces heart is in the right place, but it is impossible to say to everyone all the time.

This month is smooth sailing for the Pisces in a relationship. Don't let old insecurities crop up and unsettle you; enjoy feeling fulfilled and whole. You have put in the work and now it is paying off with a rewarding relationship. Plan a couple of romantic date nights this month, something simple such as a picnic in the park will make the ideal evening for you and your partner. Don't worry about getting too elaborate; keep things simple. This month is all about ease and going with the flow.

If you haven't already, August is a good month to introduce your significant other to your family. Chances are, this one will be around for awhile.

Monthly Horoscope July

The generous and emotional Pisces has a very playful horoscope for July. Sexual attraction and creativity will abound, and gregarious Pisces will reap the rewards with a month of playful, fun interaction.

The Sun, Jupiter and eventually Mars will all take up residence in Pisces house of love and eroticism with intense, explosive results. Now is the time to let go of old wounds or insecurities and explore new things. Use the famous Pisces imagination, inspiration and spontaneity to reap the joys of emotional and mental satisfaction. Those who are single will find they are more willing to take a chance on a new person, while those who are not may find their significant others are newly enamored with the vibrant person before them.

A sense of youth and optimism will abound, but be sure to exercise a sensible amount of caution, as well. For example, Pisces would do well to beware overindulgence this month, while in the throes of all those pheromones. Enjoy the fruits of life, but avoid going overboard or becoming too confident. By late July the fires will have calmed and life will return to normal, albeit with some wonderful memories, no doubt. Lucky days for Pisces are July 25 and 26.

Monthly Horoscope June

Masters of the deep cerulean ocean, the month of June is here, and it has come with a lot of goodies for you to dispose, and arrange to your liking. What can you expect in this month of June? This month won't start off too good for Pisces signs but take that as a good sign. June knows that in order to enjoy a bright day you must undertake a dark obsidian night. This night might bring you frustrations, or tense situations. It might create breaks within existing relationships, but you will recuperate and regenerate. Mercury, which is associated with Pisces will be aligned completely opposite to the now defunct planet, Pluto. This is the reason for the turbulent beginning of the month.

Relax masters of the deep because Mercury will align with Venus soon enough within this month. This will give Pisces an opportunity to start fresh. If a relationship ends, then it will give you an opening to a new companion, a new partner, someone you never knew you were dreaming of. This month is one of the best months to flirt because your charm will be at its highest level and you will be quite successful in your conquests. Your love affairs, your sexual encounters will be quite passionate and very sensual. Even if the passion and sensuality seem to be pulling you into uncharted waters, they won't be steering you wrong. Follow them because what you will experience will be astonishing.

It won't be a month for only insane instances of love because this month will give Pisces wisdom as well. It will give you the wisdom of time, and will allow you to appreciate the special moments. It will let you comprehend just how precious this time really is, and how precious your partner is to you, or how precious this new encounter is for you. Even if what you remember are the erotic experiences you will enjoy this month. Pisces is quite the animal this month and a true master of the deep blue sea. This month you will be the tidal waves and your love will be majestic and awe-inspiring.

Single or not single this month's horoscope seems to have a little for everyone. Dating, on dates, or in a committed tie the fact is that relationships will be on fire this month. The stars seem to want to sing the joy of your coupling. Passion is not a monthly occurrence, so be sure to understand just how precious this time really is. Be sure to truly undertake everything that this month of June has endowed onto you. The stars are part of you, and the stars move with you. They feel with you, and are a witness of your capacity for love. That is what makes a star cry, a star keeps on shining upon humanity with our capacity for love. So go out there and prove our worth to the universe by conquering love in this month of June by conquering your sexuality, and conquering the world because it all belongs to you creatures of stardust.

Monthly Horoscope May

Love opportunities are dramatically increased from around May 20th on. In the meantime, watch out for life's big hurdles. They will involve family, love, intimate relationships and your health.

Pisces Type-A activity is the reason behind this discord. Your focused business approach may be at the expense of family, emotional life, love and health. Relationship communications will fall to an all-time low. Disconnected feelings with loved ones can be resolved with balance in your life.

The single Pisces will enter into a thirteen year period of adoring desirability. People will fall in love with you, but be picky. There will be plenty of partners to choose from because your alluring qualities draw people into your circle. While you are good at seeing things from another personís view point, donít change yourself in order to please your new lover or admirer.

Sometimes, a Pisces falls in love with a person they are trying to help or save. Thank your lucky stars that quality changes this month and you will deal in reality. You will be focused on getting the intimacy you desire, loyalty, perseverance and stability. People will have to prove they have these traits, or you will send them packing.

If you are already in a love relationship, take time to enjoy the bliss. Appreciate your home, relationships and sensual romance. Pisces signs will experience a strong desire for family life. Peace and security will keep you at home more. Develop a strong faith in this relationship.

Donít let work and money come between you and your love relationships during May. Donít put family and love on hold. Existing relationships could unravel, and marriages could experience many unpleasant circumstances. Get your work projects finished and off your plate. Then concentrate on family and lovers. Make concrete moves to establish long lasting relationships.

The month of May will also be a time to pay particular attention to your health. Pay attention to your upper body which will be low on energy. While working hard and running on adrenaline, Pisces signs could experience an unusually fragile time around the end of May.

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