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Sexual Astrology - love and sex horoscopes

Sexual Astrology is devoted to lovers of astrology with specific reference to love and sex. If you want to find out more about getting your personalized horoscope, please visit our Personal Astrology Reports section.
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Astrology News May 2016

Weekly Horoscopes May 29 - June 5, 2016:

Monthly Forecasts for May 2016:

Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Aries Monthly Horoscope Aries:
Love and sex are definitely on the mind of Aries this month and their sexual powers are very strong. After the 22nd however, head-strong Mars will enter into opposition from Venus, causing some friction in love and romance. Try to avoid arguments at this time, especially with a loved one. Single Aries should take advantage of a strongly placed Sun to enjoy dating and some delicious passion with a hot new partner. ...
[ ...more about Aries ]

Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Taurus Monthly Horoscope Taurus:
The horoscope for Taurus promises a wonderful month. Except for Mercury in retrograde, which can cause all sorts of minor inconveniences, this month can be very enjoyable when it comes to love and sex. A lovely trine between Venus and Jupiter signals a time when sexual indulgence is just what Taurus desires. ...
[ ...more about Taurus ]

Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Gemini Monthly Horoscope Gemini:
The love life of Gemini has many ups and downs this month, according to their monthly horoscope. With the ruling planet Mercury in retrograde, sex may be somewhat erratic as well, as nothing seems to go according to schedule. Single Gemini may find themselves swept up in anotherís drama while dating and will not know how to separate themselves without hurting the other personís feelings. ...
[ ...more about Gemini ]

Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Cancer Monthly Horoscope Cancer:
Cancer will be in for a wonderful treat this month when it comes to love and affairs of the heart. The full Moon in Scorpio on the 21st will bring a hot night of sex which Cancer will welcome with open arms. Single Cancer can expect a month full of dating and parties, according to their monthly horoscope. ...
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Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Leo Monthly Horoscope Leo:
Proud Leo can expect an exciting time as promised by their monthly horoscope for May. Mercury in retrograde, plus good aspects between lovely Venus and mysterious Neptune, promises plenty of sexual adventures and exciting experiences. ...
[ ...more about Leo ]

Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Virgo Monthly Horoscope Virgo:
Virgo can enjoy a great month as foretold by their horoscope. Lucky Jupiter blesses Virgo for the first half of the month, which will help ease the burden of the Mercury retrograde. Single Virgo will be pleased to accept a date this month from an attractive and interesting partner that share common interests. ...
[ ...more about Virgo ]

Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Libra Monthly Horoscope Libra:
Libra will not have to look for love this month because love will find Libra instead! The monthly horoscope for Libra predicts more invitations for a date than Libra will be able to handle. Single Libra should refresh their wardrobe and polish their dancing shoes to prepare for many nights on the town. Mercury in retrograde until the 22nd may cause some minor troubles, but things will usually work out for Libra. ...
[ ...more about Libra ]

Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Scorpio Monthly Horoscope Scorpio:
May promises to be a fine month for Scorpio. With the full Moon in Scorpio on the 21st, this could be a time of extraordinary sex and passion for all Scorpions to enjoy fully. Scorpio will find themselves very mentally alert and sharp during May, but they should still be careful of making written and verbal mistakes until the 22nd, due to the Mercury retrograde. ...
[ ...more about Scorpio ]

Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius:
Sagittarius may experience some anxiety and impatience this month, due to sexual frustrations and lack of change. The Archer feels the time has finally come to be rid of some bothersome relationship problems that have lingered too long. Sagittarius will feel the urge to spread their sexual wings and fly away to exciting territory. ...
[ ...more about Sagittarius ]

Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Capricorn Monthly Horoscope Capricorn:
In search of more satisfaction, Capricorn will feel a deep and irresistible urge to find more meaning in their life, especially during the first half of the month. Not being content with living their life, they want to explore more options for enriching their existence and making life more worthwhile. ...
[ ...more about Capricorn ]

Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Aquarius Monthly Horoscope Aquarius:
The beautiful full Moon in Scorpio on the 21st will be a sexually super-charged time for Aquarius. Be sure and mark your calendar and take advantage of the great sexual energy. Taking a long distance trip can be very enjoyable at this time. Just make sure the destination is somewhere new and unique. ...
[ ...more about Aquarius ]

Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Pisces Monthly Horoscope Pisces:
According to their monthly horoscope, Pisces will enjoy some awesome luck this month as Neptune forms some very good aspects to other planets. For Pisces, love and sex will bring happiness and a glow to the Fishís famous beautiful complexion. ...
[ ...more about Pisces ]

Astrological Sign Compatibility and Love Astrology:

Astrology offers fascinating enlightenment about our sexuality as well as the potential for compatibility with another person.

What are your needs?
What are your partner's?
How can you tell if someone is attracted to you?

The answers are in the stars.

The Sun sign will tell you about your basic individual energy. Compare it to your potential lover to see if it will flow or if there might be a block. Blocked energy doesn't equal good sex!

The most important consideration in the sexual profile however is the planet Mars. This is our physical energy, action, initiation and drive. Mars is the planet of sex. It rules your sex drive whether you are a man or a woman.

If your Sun signs are compatible yet your Mars signs are not making contact with either the other person's Sun or Mars, the relationship may prove to be a sexual disappointment.

Venus is another player in astrological sign compatibility. Venus doesn't have much to do with sex, but it is the planet of love.

... more about sexual astrology

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