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Sexual Astrology is devoted to lovers of astrology with specific reference to love and sex. If you want to find out more about getting your personalized horoscope, please visit our Personal Astrology Reports section.
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Astrology News July 2015

Weekly Horoscopes July 26th - August 2nd 2015:

Monthly Horoscopes for July 2015:

Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Aries Monthly Horoscope Aries:
This July may be a highly energetic month for those who choose to date and maintain a loving, sex filled, and powerful relationship. A beautiful sexual encounter may just be in store for those who were born under this bright sun sign. Those who are already in a relationship can energize it by some romantic dating. Domestic concerns will be resolved through this renewal phase. ...
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Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Taurus Monthly Horoscope Taurus:
Your emotional equilibrium will need to be balanced amongst you professional persona. This will mean that every Taurus should walk a fine line between your relationships and your work life. The Taurus should try to be extra flexible in July in order to achieve a balance of relationship fulfillment and career fulfillment. ...
[ ...more about Taurus ]

Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Gemini Monthly Horoscope Gemini:
Gemini can expect to experience a yearning to have a stronger connection within their personal relationships this July. The single Gemini may find that loving relationship that they have been seeking. The focus is on stronger relationships and connections. ...
[ ...more about Gemini ]

Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Cancer Monthly Horoscope Cancer:
The theme for Cancer for July is green. This is a symbol of growth and healing. If you have experienced an unsatisfying setback or a sour relationship in your past, you can expect July to be your month to flourish in green energy. Every man and woman under this sign may prepare themselves for a loving relationship. ...
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Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Leo Monthly Horoscope Leo:
This is a great month to date and get involved in a fulfilling relationship that offers satisfying sex. Those who are already in a relationship can ride the positive energy wave. This is your monthly prediction for every Leo. Enjoy your positive energy filled month. ...
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Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Virgo Monthly Horoscope Virgo:
Those born under the Virgo sign can expect July to be their month of strength. Relationships and dating are in prime conditions. Love, sex, and romance are a powerful and strong force for the Virgo. July is your time to create joy and happiness. This is within your own power and strength. ...
[ ...more about Virgo ]

Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Libra Monthly Horoscope Libra:
Libra will need to offer freedom in their relationships in July. This is a month of challenges for the Libra. There is also an element of compatibility this month. This is a good time to get out and enjoy a sexual encounter. Do not burden those around you with expectations that do not leave room for the needed freedom. ...
[ ...more about Libra ]

Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Scorpio Monthly Horoscope Scorpio:
Scorpio can expect July to be the month of blocked negativity. A fresh start is in store for July. The single Scorpio will have good conditions for romance. July may prove to offer that change in relationship status for the single Scorpio. Your passionate nature may lead you into a romantic encounter with that certain special person. ...
[ ...more about Scorpio ]

Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius:
A little more energy added to your relationships may prove to increase your fulfillment. The single Sagittarius will have the opportunity to take a risk with their dating life. This will be a good month to step out of your box and create a romantic and loving encounter. ...
[ ...more about Sagittarius ]

Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Capricorn Monthly Horoscope Capricorn:
The Capricorn may experience deep emotional stirrings in their desires this July. Ready for romance and dating for the single Capricorn. The Capricorn who is already in a relationship may experience a deeper connection with their partner. July is the month for many rich blessings for every Capricorn. ...
[ ...more about Capricorn ]

Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Aquarius Monthly Horoscope Aquarius:
Aquarius will experience a high flow of positive influences. This will manifest a steady growth of activity. There may be a surprise encounter near the end of this month. A brief sexual experience with a touch of romance may be in store for those single Aquarius. Those who are in a relationship will need to stay on track at a steady pace. ...
[ ...more about Aquarius ]

Sexual Astrology - Monthly Love & Romance Compatibility Horoscope Pisces Monthly Horoscope Pisces:
Each Pisces can expect to acquire much positive energy when it involves their relationships. The single Pisces will have the opportunity to have romance blossom with a fulfilling romantic relationship. Security is the theme for every Pisces this July. ...
[ ...more about Pisces ]

Astrological Sign Compatibility and Love Astrology:

Astrology offers fascinating enlightenment about our sexuality as well as the potential for compatibility with another person.

What are your needs?
What are your partner's?
How can you tell if someone is attracted to you?

The answers are in the stars.

The Sun sign will tell you about your basic individual energy. Compare it to your potential lover to see if it will flow or if there might be a block. Blocked energy doesn't equal good sex!

The most important consideration in the sexual profile however is the planet Mars. This is our physical energy, action, initiation and drive. Mars is the planet of sex. It rules your sex drive whether you are a man or a woman.

If your Sun signs are compatible yet your Mars signs are not making contact with either the other person's Sun or Mars, the relationship may prove to be a sexual disappointment.

Venus is another player in astrological sign compatibility. Venus doesn't have much to do with sex, but it is the planet of love.

... more about sexual astrology

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