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Monthly Horoscope Libra

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Monthly Horoscope Libra


Monthly Horoscope April 2014

There is a lunar eclipse that could pave the way for a well-balanced romantic relationship for the deserving Libra in April. Of all the astrological signs it is Libra that most appears to convey a sense of justice, fairness and idyllic compassion for others. The Libra as a mate is very undemanding and reserved, yet this individual is capable of a deep and abiding love that is equaled (in strength) only by the fiery passion of a Scorpio.

Some relationships have been discarded prematurely due to the Libra's sense of reserve and gentle nature. Be willing to relinquish some of your self-control and indulge yourself by tasting some of life's wilder adventures. April is the month that will show the lustful Libra exactly what you have been missing in the romance department.

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Monthly Horoscope March 2014

March looks especially promising for Libra! Libra is known as being accommodating, selfless and kind to others. However, this month may mean that Libra is giving more than they are getting back. Libras can avoid this by giving and expecting something in return. Libra should use this to their advantage in the bedroom!

It is also recommended that Libras explore their adventurous side and try breaking some rules on the 22nd and 28th of the month. This is also another great opportunity to spice things up in the bedroom! (Try new positions, games, etc anything to break away from the routine!) March should be an excellent month for love and relationships for Libra if they are careful not to let their kind nature lead them to getting walked all over.

Monthly Horoscope February 2014

As a Libra, you know you've always been good at digging up secret, private information that isn't supposed to be your knowledge. This is going to prove the same this month, although it is going to point to the potential love interest, at the expense of someone else's sex life.

You are going to learn about someone who wants out of their current relationship and actually has been secretly attracted to you for some time now. Be careful of this new sex life, however. While you might gain a partner, it is possible you lose a friend, all at the same time. This might result in your friend being single from dating a man or woman, but it could possible leave you single without your good friend.

Monthly Horoscope November

While Libra is highly attracted to those who might seem free-spirited or even a little unstable for a partner, it is important for Libra to put a few free-spirited tendencies into practice. This will include going on the occasional date. November has brought with it a time to live life independently so that expectations regarding love, sex, and intimacy can increase to a much healthier level. Once this has been achieved, Libra will find that intimacy in the relationship can come much easier.

This horoscope shows that the patterns in the way that relationships have been moving along are about to change. The inclination to turn casual relationships into committed relationships might not be such a wise decision as they tend to require new ďrulesĒ in the way the relationship functions on a daily basis. For this reason, it would be wise, for Libra, to change the rules in the way relationships are sought after. Simply put, give others space while not allowing them to make all of the relationship rules.

Monthly Horoscope October

Libra, it is finally time! October brings a balance of love to the scales and finding someone is just what the single Libra needs. Speak up when love presents itself. Mid month plan a short trip together and help to balance the field of romance. Patience is needed to make this fete possible and the deeper the love can grow. Remember our values though, our urges can take center stage and put unneeded pressures on our relationship.

Sex can wait, as the sexual side of your relationship should be treasured but not explored this month. Hang in there, it is almost time. Both the single and dating Libra should spend time with their beloveds. Try pushing your love to the next level. See what is in store for you Libra.

Monthly Horoscope September

Libra September is your month to shine. Relationships will be popping up all over the place. A new friend, could be a man or a woman, will give you some advice that will really put things into perspective for you. Libra dating life will reach an all time high. Libra love and sex life will be phenomenal this month. Libra will enjoy the high life this month with friends and family. September is the perfect month to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people. You can never have too many friends and acquaintances.

After a troublesome work month in August, Libra will be pleased that their professional life will be relatively mundane in September. There may be one or two small projects this month, but Libra should hopefully be able to fly under the radar at work.

Lucky days: 8, 16, 27

Off days: 4, 13, 31

Monthly Horoscope August

LIBRA, August could bring the renewal of a past relationship, but it will be up to you to take the first step. Around the middle of the month, those born under Libra will begin to come to terms and appreciate themselves. This is an optimal time to assess any romantic relationships that you are involved in. This month, Libra may realize that they are holding onto to something that just isn't working; acceptance could become a turning point.

Despite some potentially mild rockiness in the monthly horoscope, thanks to Venus sliding into their sign, by mid month Libra will find themselves with a newfound sense of confidence and security when it comes to their sexual confidence and dating. By the end of the month, love and Libra will go hand in hand. Libra may find themselves falling head over heals for the man or woman that they are dating as the month nears its end.

For the single Libra, when it comes to love, relationships and dating this August, don't try too hard. Sit back and ride the wave; that man or woman of your dreams is out there looking for you. Enjoy going out on a date and starting a new relationship this month.

Monthly Horoscope July

For the the kind, gentle and just Libra, sensuality is a key issue in July's horoscope. The Libra man or woman will experience an exceptionally high libido, with Mars and Venus both in favorable positions.

This is a very positive month for Libra, and those in a relationship will feel it most keenly. Now is the time for a romantic getaway or couple's retreat. Attitudes and relationships will be light and sunny. Any work to be done, in the bedroom or out, will come easily as self esteem will be fruitful. Conversely, things may feel a bit less secure for those on the dating scene. Take heart, however, in the fact that a combination of enhanced libido and confidence can only increase the aura of Libra's sexual energy.

This enhanced energy, in turn, will no doubt be obvious and even irresistible to those of the desired sex. While one on one relationships may seem more important than ever, the single Libra should consider him or herself well on the road to that end with each date, and work hard not to let momentary insecurities stand in the way. Lucky days for Libra signs are July 14 and 15.

Monthly Horoscope June

June represents larger doors for a Libra. Libra's are encouraged to travel this month. It might enhance the relationship you are in, and it might bring desirable surprises. Perhaps it will bring a second honeymoon, which might result in a baby bump. It doesn't have to though, it is just a month in which the horizon that governs your life wants to expand a little. It wants you to learn about new cultures, and learn new things from your partner. This month of June will remind you of the dreams you once had, and the aspirations you had for your partner. This aspiration needs to be communicated. It is the perfect month to see your partner become the man or the woman they once promised to be.

For those on a search for love, traveling is still an essential thing. You might need to travel to an unknown place this month because the person interested in you might be tucked away along that unknown path. If you have been talking to someone over the internet perhaps it is time to take that leap of faith and travel to wherever this person is, or have them travel to you.

June is a month of revelations in the most unusual places. You might not even need to travel, perhaps the person you have been dreaming of has been close to you but you've never bothered to look in their direction.

Monthly Horoscope May

Romance will thrive for Libra signs in May, intimate matters will be powerful and attempts to reinvent yourself become strong. May provides new friends, a peaceful romance and a special gift from your lover. Conversations about the future will be optimistic; and, May could be your wedding month.

Romance and intimacy are well and thriving. However, donít try to read between the lines of a lover. Instead, show your independence and speak up. This will work miracles in your romance, especially with a Scorpio. Initiate straight forward, honest conversations with your partner and exchange feedback throughout the entire month.

If your love life gets complicated around mid-May, it could be due to indecisiveness or your thoughts of other options. You could be low on energy and not able to give it your best. Listen to your bodyís demands for more rest, but donít hang on to any relationship that has run out of its juju.

Donít give up on an existing relationship just because you may be feeling underappreciated. Do everyday activities with your partner and take time to rebuild. Quiet dinners, walks, or listening to music will soothe the soul and produce a healing force to restore romance.

If you are a single Libra but looking for romance, take a relaxed approach. Donít be pushy. Getting to know each other slowly builds trust and a feeling of safety. You will get the emotional support you need. If the relationship slips, it will be due to false promises being made.

This month of May you seem more focused on yourself and your future instead of focusing on others. This new direction applies to work, career, love, relationships and friends. If you are not getting what you need from any situation, disregard it and let it go. Radical change may be the answer to stubborn feelings of obligation. Stand up and make yourself the center of your own attention.

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