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Monthly Horoscope Cancer

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Monthly Horoscope Cancer


Monthly Horoscope March 2015

The March 2015 love horoscope will be full of adventure of getting to know a man or woman inside and out, intensity is important to Cancer now. Past relationship issues will resolve themselves enough so as to not need your attention. Cancer needs to prepare for the end of a relationship, which will cause pain and joy. March is the perfect time for Cancer to reevaluate their personal life. Cancer feels the need to settle in a relationship and can be addicted to flirting to feel alive if the relationship beginnings to wane. Cancer desires to explore the secrets of love and sex as they begin for feel more alive during the month of March. Cancer will be surprised at how much they change for the better. Cancer begins to feel more confident unveiling their strengths and sexual talents. This new outlook will prove beneficial in new and existing relationships.

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Monthly Horoscope December 2014

For Cancer, relationships will be on the upswing in the month of December 2014. The first half of December 2014 will be calm, without much to speak of with dating or sex. After the 10th, a new outlook on romance will erupt. Cancer will feel the need for affection, and existing partners will become Cancer's number one priority.

If you are a man, your priority will be to start sexual encounters with your romantic interest. For women, you will be enamored by a love interest, leading to love and sex for the rest of December. Passion will be in the air for both man and woman, in an intense way up until the new calendar year. Try to keep the feelings as ecstasy, but keep it relaxed as Cancer can become overwhelmed easily, leading to frustration. Remain focused and go slow and steady, Cancer!

Monthly Horoscope November 2014

Cancers can use their hard external shells as protection, because crabs line in a number of inter-tidal zones of the Ocean. Cancers are also adept at holding up their inner feelings quietly, without sharing. In the beginning of the month, expect the full moon to see you through your love life.

You will also be very generous, because a lot of things have been happening in your relationship, lately; as such caution is of essence. Because Cancerís passionate nature is constantly changing, the opposing nature of Capricorn offers a fresh start. Capricornís often private and reserved nature brings out the desire to soothe the inner beast that resides deep inside Cancer.

Monthly Horoscope October 2014

The Cancer in a relationship needs to be honest with their partner about any issues on hand. You have avoided a problem for too long, and the time to discuss it is now or never if you want to save the relationship. It might take some serious discussions, but it is needed if you want to stay in this relationship for the long haul.

Single Cancers should face any problems in love with a strong heart. Be honest with the one you love, and the results might surprise you. It is better to know than to sit quietly on the sidelines. If you are a dating Cancer, then it is best for them to approach relationships with the same honesty. However, it must be noted that any questionable occurrences at this time will not be easily forgiven both those who trust in you.

Monthly Horoscope September 2014

Cancer is both sentimental and intuitive of the Zodiac signs. Cancer is also one of the most difficult monthly horoscope signs to understand, because it exhibits strong emotions. In case you are single or dating again, Cancers are very sensitive people. Overly ambitious or superficial mates may have serious problems fitting into the billing.

A Cancer lover is usually devoted to children, love and marriage for life. Around July 26th and September 13th Mars will be centrally positioned on Cancerís romance sector, this means that natural charm will be easy to come-by. Expect some minor challenges, but more excitement is on the cards. A friendly and cooperative mood will help you have an easier interaction and harmonious day. Your friendly gestures should bring a lot of people into your circle.

Monthly Horoscope August 2014

Cancerís sexual feeling and style is all about caring, and mutual sharing. Cancer feels the need to care about a date at any given opportunity. When Cancer falls in love, everything comes to play; flowers, passion, hearts and huge wedding. The biggest problem Cancer possesses, is being over-sensitivity because Cancer is both possessive and jealous. Cancer wants a partnerís unequivocal attention and love as security. As a tactile sign, Cancer enjoys cuddling and kissing; snuggling with a man or woman whom Cancer loves brings great pleasure and fulfillment.

The forecast for Cancer in the week of July 28 moving into August shows a tug of war of who should be in charge. If you fall into this trap, both of you and a partner may pay a heavy price. There is a strong temptation of partners going at each other via temper tantrums at work but there is hope. If you are in an intimate dating relationship, your sweetheart will be back in the fold sooner than you think; the medicine is simple, make-up sex.

Monthly Horoscope July 2014

This month will find Cancer revitalized after a recent lull in energy. This is a good time to redefine yourself Cancer. Become the man or woman you have always wanted to be, but were afraid to try to be. Optimize and flaunt your sex appeal. It is the right time to refine both your image and your outlook.

Single ladies, don't be afraid of dating older men. We're not talking April - December romance here; just look for the man who has established himself, financially and otherwise. With all that new image and attitude, Cancer might just reel in the one she's been waiting for. If this should happen, now is not the time to hold back. Your time has arrived Cancer, and you absolutely owe it to yourself to enjoy it to the utmost.

Monthly Horoscope June 2014

June is usually a positive month for Cancer, but this one has an even happier vibe. The stars seem to be on the side of Cancer in this monthly horoscope. Cancer will find that the spirit of love and friendship will permeate all interactions. Cancer will notice that their social life will sky-rocket and they should take this opportunity to go out with their friends and have fun. The single Cancer will find this is a great chance to meet someone very special, even if friendship is the end result.

A romantic encounter does not always have to be sexual and there is nothing wrong with going on a date and simply enjoying the company. Partnered Cancers can use this time to connect with their lovers and strengthen their bonds. The only caution for which Cancer should be concerned is that others may try to take advantage of their good nature. As long as Cancer trusts their own intuition, everything should work out fine.

Monthly Horoscope April 2014

Cancer is one of the astrological signs that is defined by sensitivity, compassion and inner strength. When reviewing several monthly horoscope predictions it is obvious that the Cancer has a number of personal qualities that others desire when they are seeking a sex partner, a life-long mate or even a devoted friend. 2014 will be an exciting time of renewal and growth for those that identify with this star sign. April is going to open new doors for romance that will show others that the Cancer is ready and able to fulfill their every sexual fantasy.

Those who are governed by the sign of Cancer are very sensitive to the needs of those around them, but they also require their devotion to be returned in full measure. Among those potential romantic mates for Cancer there is a high likelihood that true love can blossom after a chance encounter with a delightful and exuberant Leo. Allow this individual to experience those kind and gentle traits of a Cancer if you want a relationship to develop.

Monthly Horoscope March 2014

The monthly horoscope for Cancer starts with Venus (known for being amorous) in line with a sister sign, Pisces. This line up is ideal for the imagination (think sexual fantasies). March will also be a good month to spark thoughts of traveling. This is an excellent month for Cancer to plan a trip, even just for a night or two, to re-ignite sexual passion in your relationship.

This enthusiam will carry through to all aspects of love, including relationships with friends and family. Cancer should also use this monthly boost of enthusiasm to explore their spontaneity (plan a spur of the moment trip with friends or your special man/woman for example).

Monthly Horoscope February 2014

Watch yourself this month and don't let yourself be dragged down a negative path. There are going to be social events where you run into old flings with whom you have had sexual relationships with. These individuals are going to approach you at these social gatherings and attempt to use you again for more sex.

It is important to avoid this sort of a situation, as you are more likely to be dragged down a bad path that is only going to lead in heartache and turmoil. As a Cancer, you need to stay true to yourself and unleash your creative side. Use the sexual angst you feel after your encounter with the former person you went on a date with to stay single and create something truly amazing.

Monthly Horoscope November

November is the bringing about an opportunity for Cancer to strengthen confidence and leave the past behind by going on the occasional date. Say goodbye to those things in life that are not contributing to growth in love and relationships and do it monthly. It is important for Cancer to have the ability to feel freedom in relationships to remember so seek out those that will be flexible enough to offer room to grow.

Saturn's presence in romance brings serious, yet stable, energy into the romantic areas of life, for a man or woman, which will help committed relationship to grow. It is the pleasing aspects of Cancer that will boost the self confidence needed to handle sexual relationship so use it to successfully handle love as well. There will be family members, in the life of Cancer, who don't agree with current or future relationships, however it is important to use the positive reactions from family members to strengthen relationships.

Monthly Horoscope October

The romantic date is in the horoscope of stars this month for the dating Cancer. Experience love and express emotions to that special someone in your life this month. October brings the single Cancer luck in love and the possible beginnings of a romantic relationship.

Sex can often bring confusion for any couple if things turn sexual too early, so beware of sex this month Cancer. Near mid month problems can arise, but remember to communicate and as always through talking and self sacrifice - a solution can be found. But do not be afraid of positive change; even if the change is the end. This is the month for alliance, or independence Cancer.

Monthly Horoscope September

Cancer may find themselves frustrated in the love, relationship, and sex department. Nothing bad should happen to Cancer love life. However, it will seem as if all of your friends and family members will be announcing exciting news about their lives and relationships. This could lead to a tinge of jealousy. Try not to let their excitement get to you. Take the opportunity to explore your sexual relationship with your significant other. It may lead to a more fulfilling moment and strengthen your relationship as a whole.

Cancer professional life will seem like they are in a rut. Days could appear to be mundane, but towards the end of the month you may find yourself overwhelmed with extra work. This could lead to a new work friendship as it is possible it will be a team assignment. The work may appear challenging at first, but with persistence Cancer will easily finish ahead of schedule.

Lucky days: 3, 21, 31

Off days: 1, 11, 20

Monthly Horoscope August

CANCER, your monthly horoscope suggests that it is time to take a step back to reassess your priorities. The coming together of Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus may result in Cancer feeling distracted by work, family and financial issues, however, don't forget to make time for your loved one as well. For the Cancer already in a steady relationship, discuss your concerns with your significant other; part of being in a relationship is not having to carry the burden alone.

Cancer, remember that relationships are a two way street and give and take is key to your long term success. Let go of your stubborn nature and be willing to compromise with your significant other. When it comes to your relationship partner, a little can go a long way. Even the smallest gesture when done with meaning can have a significant impact on your relationship and sexual life.

Overall, the monthly horoscope for Cancer indicates great sexual experiences, pending that you are able to put some of your other concerns on the back burner when appropriate. It is up to you whether or not you want to take advantage of the opportunity.

Monthly Horoscope July

Complex, conservative and introverted Cancer will feel the rare urge to get out and about this month. Jupiter in Cancer (beginning in June) ensures that sex appeal, visibility and confidence will be at an all time high.

This alignment also encourages increased physical strength and sexual energy, as well as optimism and humor. Romantic opportunities are peak, and Cancer should do everything in their power to maximize them. Those who are dating will find this a fruitful time of year, while those in a relationship will be driven to spice things up.

Cancer should use this bountiful, attractive time to strengthen personal bonds, both with lovers and close friends alike. This is not, however, an opportune time for confrontation. Particularly in the beginning of the month July, it's better to let prickly matters ride for the moment and focus on the positive, instead. There will be time in the future (as a future monthly horoscope will now doubt indicate) for tackling confrontations. Lucky days for Cancers are July 7 and 8.

Monthly Horoscope June

This month Cancer will be associated with Aries because Venus will be passing by your astronomical aura. You will meet harmony in this month and you will meet love. May might have given you some grief, it was a very delicate month for a Cancer, but this month of June is starting you anew.

June seems to be giving you an extra push. Your natural charm and seductive powers are enhanced, which will make you a very powerful man or a very seductive tigress. You will be a magnet to whomever you are trying to draw onto you. You might even feel the opposite sex being naturally drawn to you, so be careful out there.

June is a month of reconciliation for you, but it is also a month of honesty. Honesty is the power behind everything that is positive in this month for you. You need to be able to connect to your sentimentality in order to have access to your seductive powers. Your heart needs to be in the right place. Whoever you are trying to seduce or attract will feel your honesty, which will create the irresistibility within you.

Monthly Horoscope May

May has a lot of positives for Cancer. This month presents social activities that help Cancer overcome shyness. Finances look good, luck brings various opportunities, your career will continue to progress, and you will have the chance to make your mark in life.

Single Cancers will be lucky in love. You will be presented with many lovely opportunities, but donít be too hasty and go too far, too soon. You have an unforgettable romantic weekend waiting for you this month. Be careful of displaying a detached attitude. This will ruin a perfectly good love match.

You may have a fun time with a coworker that turns into a flirtation. Working on projects together is a good way to meet new people. Be careful of complications that crop up among the team. Keep complications to a minimum. Even Cancers may have to compromise sometimes.

Whether attached or not, you will find pleasure in other unexpected places, known only to you. This likely means a forbidden attraction that will be risky to act on. However, you may be inspired to make changes in a current relationship, as a result. Or be encouraged to seek a new mate altogether.

The sign of Cancer rules home and family. You really excel in these categories. However, trouble is brewing because of frequent trips away from home. Relations with your family will falter and could cause serious problems between you and your spouse. Frequent disagreements will occur.

You may be able to clear this up by month-end, but you may find that you donít want to connect with your spouse at all. Youíd prefer they go on a long trip. Erratic and temperamental behavior will prevail, and this marriage will become quite challenging. Thereís a chance of relocation. That may help, or resolve the issue for the Cancer.

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