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Rooster Horoscope - Chinese Astrology


Metal Rooster: 1921, 1981
Water Rooster: 1933, 1993
Wood Rooster: 1909, 1969
Fire Rooster: 1945, 2005
Earth Rooster: 1957, 2017

  • Best sex: SNAKE and OX
  • Worst nightmare: RABBIT

    ROOSTER: Roosters are proud, prudent and rather practical. Roosters are observers with logical solutions to every problem Roosters are smooth talkers who want to be in the know at all times. You like to be in the “thick of things”. Very straightforward, you say what's on your mind and always keep your word. You tend to be very private and hide your feelings when you have found love. Avoid this tendency at all costs. Beware of your tendency to be self-centered and remain open to criticism when you feel it’s ultimately to your benefit. Though you can be critical at times, you are a warm person at heart. Some people maintain that you can be tough to live and work with. You secretly desire stability, sentiment and lots of tender loving care. When you find the right person, you will reciprocate with acts of kindness in return. You will attract a trusting partner who will bend over backward to please you. You could marry in your later years.

    Famous Rooster People: Suharto, Deborah Kerr, Peter Ustinov, D. H. Lawrence, John Glenn, Emperor Akihito, Yoko Ono, Eudora Welty, Bette Midler

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  • Similarity to western sign: VIRGO
  • Hours ruled by the rooster : 5 PM - 7 PM
  • Season and month : Autumn - September
  • Point of the compass : West
  • Mentality : Negative

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