Chinese Compatibility between Snake and Horse
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Chinese Compatibility Snake and Horse

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Chinese Astrology Compatibility Snake

Snake & Horse

Astrological Chinese Compatibility Horoscope & Love Match
Chinese Astrology Compatibility Horse
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Chinese Compatibility
Snake and Horse

Snakes and Horse signs are not the most natural match within the Chinese zodiac, and they do not often mesh together well, especially when in pursuit of a romantic commitment or relationship. The Horse sign is a sign which possesses the need for constant movement, mentally or physically, and the Horse is often restless and on-the-go. Although the Snake enjoys new opportunities, the sign itself is more laid back and enjoys spending time at home relaxing and enjoying the finer things in life (mainly in the comfort of his or her own home).

Snakes and Horses may find themselves arguing with one another frequently, especially if the two have opposite personalities and ways of living. Most likely, the Snake an Horse have discovered attraction with one another on a purely physical or sexual level when they first began to see one another or date.

Although the Horse is always on the move and enjoys loving intensely for shorter periods of time, the Snake takes a while to warm up and once the sign falls in love, he or she may easily become jealous or possessive of the partner involved in the relationship. However, although both of these signs naturally oppose one another in the Chinese zodiac when they date, both the Horse and the Snake also have their own insecurities when dealing with relationships. This allows the Snake to respond to the Horse's security with possessiveness and even his or her own charm, whereas the Horse is able to move onto something new which keeps the Snake entertained and busy as well.

Compatibility Snake Woman and Horse Man

The Snake woman is often attracted to the Horse man's free spirit in, and the relationship is often sexually based. The Snake woman may become jealous of the Horse's need for freedom from time to time.

Compatibility Snake Man and Horse Woman

The Snake man often becomes jealous and possessive of the Horse woman, who may flee from the relationship if this occurs. However, the Horse is attracted to the Snake's magnetic charm, keeping the relationship going for extended periods of times in rare cases, even when sex is the only factor involved in the relationship.

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