Chinese Compatibility between Pig and Snake
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Chinese Compatibility Pig and Snake

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Chinese Astrology Compatibility Pig

Pig & Snake

Astrological Chinese Compatibility Horoscope & Love Match
Chinese Astrology Compatibility Snake
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Chinese Compatibility
Pig and Snake

The Snake and the Pig are able to have a relationship that is very compatible according to Chinese astrology, even though they are marked as traditional opposites within the Chinese zodiac itself. The issue that is most prominent in relationships between a Snake and a Pig within the zodiac includes the inability to share and take any constructive criticism from one another throughout the entire duration of the relationship. When the Snake is communicating or arguing with the sign of the Pig according to the Chinese horoscope, he or she may use manipulative responses or even passive aggressive choices to help with avoiding conflict while also getting his or her own way. However, the Pig is quite shy but if he or she feels threatened, the Pig has a way of being malicious in response emotionally and mentally, which can cause even more friction between the Snake and the Pig themselves when they date or see one another in a sexual manner.

Snake and Pig signs do well as lovers if both of them share a passion for having close friends and family involved within their lives. Both signs are sensual and neither one of them are lazy, allowing them to work hard and motivate each other any time they are together. Both the Pig and Snake enjoy relaxing and sulking in their well-deserved homes and personal vacation spots, allowing them to "enjoy the finer things in life", which is common for both of the signs. Although the Snake is more of a possessive lover, the Pig is generous and kind and welcomes the love and loyalty, as the Pig himself is also quite a loyal sign in Chinese astrology.

Compatibility Snake Woman and Pig Man

A Snake woman is not as interested in settling down as other signs in the Chinese zodiac, and although this may upset the Pig man, he will do whatever he can to keep her happy and satisfied. Snake women prefer active social lives and the pair is often sexually compatible as well, keeping the relationship exciting and refreshing.

Compatibility Snake Man and Pig Woman

The Snake man and the Pig woman make for a compatible match, with both having such strong wills. The Pig woman enjoys procrastinating and often has a wide range of emotions and mood swings, which the Snake man does not fully understand or comprehend. Although the Pig woman is emotionally attached to the Snake man, he may be deceiving at times, prompting her to take on the role of the martyr.

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