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Personalized Natal Report

The New Age Astrology Report
for Women

The New Age Astrology Report (The New Age Woman)
analyzes issues of importance to adults, including marriage and sexuality. This report uses direct language and utilizes a comprehensive approach to the chart.

Woman has greatly changed her social position over time and the realization of the New Age depends in great measure on her. Because of that it is necessary that you know yourself, that you know your potential and your limitations.

This astrological report is designed as a guide for the new age woman and in it we have considered how the astral influences affect a woman in particular.

The Sexual Astrology Report (new age woman) is a very comprehensive report. The subjects are approached from different points of view such as metaphysical, spiritual, nutritional and general.

Learn about your essence. Your self - The Sun.
Learn about The Moon - Your emotional world,
Love, Romance, Children and Sexuality
Learn about your Secret Enemies!

"Love is blind when it is born, nearsighted when it grows,
and it sees all when it dies."

This report will help you understand how you can relate yourself to the rest of the signs.
Sexuality, Love, Romance, Associations and Marriage.

"Your companion is your reflection.
Everything you find in him,
in some way is in you."

Your destiny according to the 12 astrological houses.
Your personality. Your body. Your childhood. Money. Assets. Resources. Your education. Your mind.

"The mind is a magnet: it attracts to you
exactly what you think about."

Also! Learn about your home, your brothers and sisters, your middle age and your later years. Health. Nutrition. Work. Service. Dangers. Inheritances. Legacies. Friendship. Group activities. Karma. Secret Enemies. Bankruptcy.

$ 19.95

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