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2014 Taurus Compatibility Forecast

2014 Compatibility Taurus

Forecasts and Compatibility Horoscopes for Taurus Year 2014
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Taurus - Aries

If a Taurus and Aries are looking for a love match this 2014, both parties are looking in the right place. While Aries' yearly horoscope for 2014 says they can be bossy and independent at times, Taurus is practical and down to earth, which reigns Aries in and deflates their large ego in a good way. Aries' tendency to be a little more extroverted and playful will help Taurus get out into the world more and experience life. Each party should make sure to respect the cadence of each other's lives, otherwise the rhythm in your love relationship will get out of balance in 2014, leaving Taurus alone at home and Aries out at the bar on weekends. Work together to create a flow, and you won't be sorry. Taurus and Aires are notoriously compatible sexually because of Taurus' soft and slow manner and Aires' fiery passion.

Taurus - Taurus

A Taurus is a glutton for leisure and taking it slow. Both are ruled by the almighty goddess, Venus, who reigns over love and beauty, so that's already a great sign. One or both of you may not have been on a date for months or even years, but that's alright. To help you get back into the swing of things, dating should be slow and natural at first, especially during the beginning of the year 2014. Spend time with friends and family as that's what you Taurus’ love. You are both artistic, and your sex life will be full of slow burning passion in 2014. Love is on the horizon for you, but caution: your forecast horoscopes say that you both govern the second house of the zodiac: material gain. You love to outfit yourself and your space with beautiful things, and it can bring your artistic sides together, but don't let it derail you from what's really important in life. Stay focused in regards to your love and sex life, especially during the beginning of the year 2014, Taurus!

Taurus - Gemini

Gemini is a free-spirited artist at heart and loves to argue, while Taurus is stubborn, talented and also artistic. In some realms, this relationship can be full of love and admiration in 2014, but the compatibility may not be quite all there. Dating can be hard with Gemini's two-faced nature and Taurus' inability to change (meaning, don't expect an amazing first date). If you do find a love match with a Taurus and a Gemini, astrology tells us that it will be in the business world. Gemini has an eye for style and a finger on the technology pulse of society, whereas the horoscope for Taurus this year is a forecast for great financial decisions in his or her business. For this love match to come to fruition in 2014, both parties should be on a special lookout during an event they do yearly, such as a holiday party at work.

Taurus - Cancer

Taurus and Cancer could grow old together if they find a love match in the year of 2014. Horoscopes for compatibility between these two special signs of the zodiac forecast a relationship that will take them into old age. Family is important for both Taurus and Cancer, so they will make great parents. With that being said, Cancer can be overly self-conscious and too tender when words get heated. Taurus should be practical and understand the situation by using kid gloves, but Cancer could also use a good toughening up this year. Astrology in the houses of Taurus and Cancer for 2014 shows positivity in love and family, so if kids are in the future of this relationship, this is a great year to start.

Taurus - Leo

Sexual tension will be high with Taurus and Leo in 2014. Just imagine a bull and a lion getting together, and you get the idea. Dating and sex couldn't be easier with these two wild signs. Pick a first date that pits you two against each other in an intellectual or physical game. You'll love the competition. Both of your zodiac signs love adventure but are also hotheads when it comes to a heated intellectual discussion. Because astrology tells us that both Taurus and Leo can be stubborn and proud, this could lead to some raucous (but fun) fights in the year 2014. It may also head in the other direction, turning this power couple into a glamorous duo that all your friends want to invite to their dinner parties. United, Taurus and Leo can conquer anything and anyone, but turn your dramatic and beastly powers against one another, and you've got trouble.

Taurus - Virgo

Both Virgo and Taurus have earth zodiac signs. Dating will be luxurious and filled with soft discussion in charming locales, while a full relationship will be a love match made in heaven with friends and acquaintances envying your doting eyes and cooing natures toward each other. Uptight Virgo may need to chill out at times and learn to loosen up, especially while you're still dating. At the same time, Taurus might need to be less blunt about Virgo's constant need to get everything absolutely perfect in 2014. Rest assured that if Taurus and Virgo live together, their living space will be immaculately clean and sophisticated. Spontaneous Taurus gets things moving in the bedroom in 2014 where Virgo may be shy at first. But Taurus can also overspend, which is where Virgo comes in with a level head to save the day.

Taurus - Libra

The astrology forecast for a Taurus and Libra love match this 2014 is split. Both signs of the zodiac are ruled by lovely Venus, but there are opposing elements that make a relationship between these two a toss up. Taurus is a Bull on the ground, while Libras often have their heads in the clouds. Both enjoy a date that brings them out into social situations, and they love fancy clothes and gadgets. But a snobby attitude can ensue if one or the other is not reined in. Contrasting styles of leadership do not make this a love match made in heaven and the compatibility forecast for Taurus and Libra may not be an easy ride in the year 2014. The only way this relationships could really be a hit is if Taurus lets Libra's obsession for the aesthetic take precedence and takes care of other affairs. In a relationship with a Taurus and a Libra, strict delegations must be made to designate "territory," or there will be danger on the road ahead in 2014.

Taurus - Scorpio

Loyalty is the name of the game when the zodiac crosses Taurus and Scorpio in love this year. Change and new people are neither of your strong suits, so on your first date, you both may be turned off. Stick with it. Try dating casually at first, and stay off the serious stuff until you're both in it for good. Music, food and lusty sexual encounters entice both of you, but Taurus should be careful of Scorpio's delicate nature, especially in the year 2014. Scorpions have thick shells, but inside, they often turn to mush. If Taurus wants to win a gold star, be there for Scorpio during a difficult bout of depression, and not only will there be light at the end of the tunnel in the form of soon-to-be happy dear Scorpio, but there will also be a profound respect and devotion from Scorpio, which can only occur from a loyal move on Taurus' part. The compatibility forecast for Taurus and Scorpio for the year 2014 is positive, but not without the usual bumps on the road.

Taurus - Sagittarius

There is not a lot of middle ground in this love match. Either Taurus and Sagittarius hate each other or you're completely head over heels in love. Taurus sticks to solid ground as an Earth sign, but Sagittarius is notoriously wild, sometimes running all over Taurus. While Sagittarius wants to stop and talk with everyone they meet, this will frustrate the Taurus, who just wants to settle down and be practical in 2014. Taurus may also find Sagittarius' recklessness and inability to sit still annoying. Yet there is light in that opposites often do find attraction, and in the year 2014, no better opposing love match was made than Taurus and Sagittarius. Caution: the horoscope forecast for 2014 says that jealousy can tear this partnership apart, so be open and communicative.

Taurus - Capricorn

Capricorn's heart is in work, and as the Bull, Taurus keeps nose to the grind stone as well. As for sexual encounters in 2014, Taurus has assimilated to a hot and lusty sex life, whereas Capricorn's willingness to be blatantly sexual is more guarded. It may be hard for Taurus to guide Capricorn away from work when 5pm arrives, but it will be worth it. The key to this love match in the year 2014 will be working hard by day and being able to leave it all behind at night. Read your individual horoscopes to learn more about how to handle work this year, and you'll be all set. Just don't spend too much money. You will both enjoy a relaxing evening lounging on the sofa in 2014 as much as you would spending triple digits at a five star restaurant.

Taurus - Aquarius

The zodiac sign for Aquarius is off the charts an oddball. Artistic, fun and well-liked by everyone, the horoscope forecast for Aquarius in 2014 sees fame and fortune for their ambition. On the opposite side, Taurus, who seeks happiness in more traditional ways of life, will be at odds with people like Aquarius this year. That isn't to say that love isn't possible. If a successful union is in the cards for these two opposites, compromises will definitely need to be made by both parties. There is simply no way around it in this 2014 compatibility forecast. Aquarius will need to quell the desire to rebel against every single authority figure and traditional way of life, and Taurus needs to find some excitement by way of concerts, nights on the town and general human interaction.

Taurus - Pisces

In the year 2014, pleasure and comfort will be at the doors of both Taurus and Pisces. A joy of life brought on by material things will present itself to these two zodiac signs, but both should be wary of this instinctive feeling and read their forecast horoscopes as often as necessary in 2014. This will tell Taurus and Pisces that something more permanent and important is in store for them if they can get past the urge for comfort, namely, love. Pisces and Taurus have a real chance at a golden union in 2014 if they combine their energies this year. Sex will be passionate, communication will be easy, and living together will be bliss. Watch out: Pisces can be passive-aggressive which could anger the Bull in Taurus, and Taurus should lay off the possessiveness if any real progress is going to be made in 2014.

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