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2014 Scorpio Compatibility Forecast

2014 Compatibility Scorpio

Forecasts and Compatibility Horoscopes for Scorpio Year 2014
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Scorpio - Aries

This year's forecast says that strong physical attraction–both beauty and handsomeness–will connect Aries and Scorpio. Each sign should read their personal horoscope to learn more about their 2014 forecast for blossoming love. Scorpio is intense and dark, and some might even say "mysterious," which leads Aries to follow like a lost puppy. But on a date, Aries will need to tone down their blatant desire in favor of more coy flirtations. Once Aries wins Scorpio over, both must beware of the downfall that jealousy can have on their relationship in the year 2014. On the up side, Scorpios are notoriously loyal, so if the jealousy can be tempered, only a loyal and devoted partner will be left. Astrology forecasts tells you to watch out for selfishness whatever you do in 2014, because both Aries and Scorpio can get caught up in themselves.

Scorpio - Taurus

Loyalty is the name of the game when the zodiac crosses Taurus and Scorpio in love this year. Change and new people are neither of your strong suits, so on your first date, you both may be turned off. Stick with it. Try dating casually at first, and stay off the serious stuff until you're both in it for good. Music, food and lusty sexual encounters entice both of you, but Taurus should be careful of Scorpio's delicate nature, especially in the year 2014. Scorpions have thick shells, but inside, they often turn to mush. If Taurus wants to win a gold star, be there for Scorpio during a difficult bout of depression, and not only will there be light at the end of the tunnel in the form of soon-to-be happy dear Scorpio, but there will also be a profound respect and devotion from Scorpio, which can only occur from a loyal move on Taurus' part. The compatibility forecast for Taurus and Scorpio for the year 2014 is positive, but not without the usual bumps on the road.

Scorpio - Gemini

Combine the strengths of Gemini and Scorpio, and a power couple is born that could take over. You both will think you could be better off alone or that you have more compatibility with those who are your exact likeness, but think again. The old adage, "opposites attract" is not wrong, especially in 2014. Flighty Gemini who always wants to be on the go will be intensely drawn to the dark mysteriousness of Scorpio, while Scorpio looks at the curious and outgoing Gemini with wonder and becomes impressed. If dating goes well, and this union takes off, sexual tensions will get out of control before one of you stubborn zodiac signs caves. This horoscope forecast says 2014 is a hot and steamy year for sex for Gemini and Scorpio.

Scorpio - Cancer

Cancer (the Crab) and Scorpio (the Scorpion) are two cut from the same cloth. In 2014, a social event for either of these two will lead to a budding friendship, which could in turn lead to love. This is not a case of opposites attract. The compatibility is high as there is innate trust and loyalty from the get-go in 2014. Sex will be slow and steamy, and neither will feel self-conscious which may be new for you. Outside the bedroom, Scorpio may be a bit abrasive at times when attacked, and Cancer can be childish. But there's no cause for concern here. As Water signs, you'll both find your ways back to each other just as the river finds its way to the ocean.

Scorpio - Leo

In more than one way, Leo and Scorpio are complete opposites. While Scorpio prefers the mystery of darkness and likes to hide away and read books on rainy days, this forecast horoscope says Leo is an exhibitionist and wants to be out in front of everyone, showing off. This could cause disturbances in the relationship in 2014. Sex will bring you back together, but don't let this union be purely sexual. Leo should remember that Scorpio can become crazily jealous and rein in the desire to constantly show off, while Scorpio needs to offer Leo more by way of encouragement and praise. If both partners put in what they can in 2014, the compatibility here has a high forecast for success. It’s up to you, Leo and Scorpio!

Scorpio - Virgo

In 2014 Virgo, the intelligent and expressive Earth sign has great compatibility with the mysterious and down to earth Water sign, Scorpio. Compromises must be made, of course, for even though the magnetic sexual attraction has been there all along, the outgoingness of Virgo may sometimes clash with Scorpio's secretiveness in 2014. Virgo will be in a performance or leadership role when sparks begin to fly here, and the introverted Scorpio will be drawn out. Sex between Virgo and Scorpio is back and forth. One night hot and exhausting (but fun!) and the next night slow and sensual. Be ready for a yearly separation during the first few years, but stick it out, and this duo can make it through anything together. There is great love and compatibility potential in 2014 for Virgo and Scorpio.

Scorpio - Libra

The Libra and Scorpio union is not common, but 2014 could be your year. You will definitely flirt well. Butterflies will abound, and in crowded rooms, you will talk and laugh with others, but you will always be sneaking flirty glances in the direction of the other. For this reason, the sexual relationship is at the top of the list for great things about this Libra and Scorpio union in 2014. Sex is experimental and always seems new. Libras may have trouble dedicating themselves fully to the secretive Scorpio, so Scorpios should try to be more open, and Libra should give Scorpio the benefit of the doubt. Trying new challenges together in 2014 can make this pairing last, so be adventurous and see where this year takes you!

Scorpio - Scorpio

Scorpios are loyal and passionate, two ingredients for great compatibility. But just as they mirror their trueness and passion, they also mirror their propensity for fighting and arguing in 2014, and in turn, their propensity to hold a grudge for as long as they can. Two grudge-bearing souls can lead to weeks without talking. This is a problem here. In 2014, if two Scorpios want to make it work, this secretive and often closed off sign of the zodiac will need to chill a little and talk things out. The silent treatment can lead to silence that simply lasts too long, especially in 2014. The sex between Scorpios is always slow and soft. Adding some new excitement to the bedroom could be a good idea. If Scorpios read their yearly and weekly horoscope forecasts and use their trademark good detective skills, they'll realize that this union is only possible with some hard work.

Scorpio - Sagittarius

The Archer and the Scorpion, is it a love match? Yearly astrology horoscopes for 2014 say absolutely. The reason compatibility is so high for this 2014 forecast is that the introverted and sometimes closed off nature of Scorpio perfectly matches the outgoing and adventure-loving side of Sagittarius. Unlike other opposites, these two do not clash but are compatible. Sagittarius, a Fire sign, is exciting and loves to get out into the world, but they are enticed by Scorpio's passion for intelligence and this Water sign's ability to stay grounded. Together, they would live harmoniously in the same home in 2014, enjoy exciting and playful sex and make excellent parents.

Scorpio - Capricorn

The forecast for Scorpio and Capricorn could go either way. Grudge holding Scorpio may clash with sometimes vindictive Capricorn in 2014. Scorpio may meet Capricorn at work or during a business transaction, and though the duo will do well working together in business, a love match may not be in the forecast for Scorpio and Capricorn. They may feel a strong sexual pull toward each other, thinking that this will lead to an emotional attachment, but the intellectual compatibility may simply not be there. Business partners or friends are possible with this pairing in 2014, but anything more might simply lead to tears, fights and extended periods of not talking.

Scorpio - Aquarius

Aquarius and Scorpio may have high compatibility in 2014 if they are able to offer each other space from time to time. Scorpios, quiet and darkly subdued could get possessive over Air signs Aquarius, and this will most definitely irritate the often testy Aquarius. If this union is going to work in 2014, both signs will need to learn to live in harmony together. Therapy and close friends whom they can talk to individually will help. 2014 may prove difficult for this love match, but one thing is for sure, there will be nothing missing in the bedroom. Sexually speaking, a Scorpio, who enjoys slow and sensual sexual encounters will complement the fun and playful sexual nature of Aquarius. Sex cannot be the only strong pillar of this relationship in 2014, but it can help these two pull through and withstand the test of time.

Scorpio - Pisces

As two Water signs, Scorpio and Pisces share a common ground in 2014. They both have a lot of energy to expend every day, and that can be released through physical activity such as sports or working out, a lively social life full of exciting debate and discussion, or a passionate and experimental sex life. Sometimes all three of these exist for Scorpio and Pisces, and if so, that's where this relationship can really take off in 2014. Expect wild nights out with other fun couples, then some steamy sex at home. Pisces' outgoingness will be good for Scorpio, who may sometimes prefer to stay cooped up in 2014. You are both loyal and kind, yet Pisces may have more difficulty settling down.

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