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2014 Sagittarius Compatibility Forecast

2014 Compatibility Sagittarius

Forecasts and Compatibility Horoscopes for Sagittarius Year 2014
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Sagittarius - Aries

Astrology points to Aries and Sagittarius finding love together in distinct ways in 2014. While it may start as a purely platonic relationship, you will soon see sparks fly in 2014, and the chemistry will start to simmer and blossom into a full blown relationship as you start dating. Start slow with an easy and fun date. Sagittarius likes to gamble, so they will definitely be game for anything. It will be harder to convince Aries at first, but once it happens, there will be no turning back. The natural confidence that emanates from both parties in the year 2014 will be amplified by what others will mistake for arrogance but is actually a joy of life and moxie that can't be matched in any other sign. Be wary that neither of you thinks too far ahead. Make plans now and follow through with them to avoid a disastrous end to what could be a lasting relationship.

Sagittarius - Taurus

There is not a lot of middle ground in this love match. Either Taurus and Sagittarius hate each other or you're completely head over heels in love. Taurus sticks to solid ground as an Earth sign, but Sagittarius is notoriously wild, sometimes running all over Taurus. While Sagittarius wants to stop and talk with everyone they meet, this will frustrate the Taurus, who just wants to settle down and be practical in 2014. Taurus may also find Sagittarius' recklessness and inability to sit still annoying. Yet there is light in that opposites often do find attraction, and in the year 2014, no better opposing love match was made than Taurus and Sagittarius. Caution: the horoscope forecast for 2014 says that jealousy can tear this partnership apart, so be open and communicative.

Sagittarius - Gemini

Together, Sagittarius and Gemini are intellectually superior to other zodiac unions. Astrology tells us that there are two minds, the "lower" and the "higher." Where Gemini rules the lower mind in words of common sense, facts and reasoning out difficult situations, Sagittarius takes over the wisdom-filled higher mind of philosophy, ethics and consciousness. Your hunger for knowledge stretches far beyond other knowledge seeking signs of the zodiac, and you find a common ground in areas of academia. In 2014, look for your Sagittarius or Gemini lover on a college campus, at a documentary film showing or a classical music concert. Your respective dispositions may be hard to figure for a pair, but the love is there, and the hours of intellectual discussion will be like foreplay for some of the greatest sexual encounters of your lives. Thus, the compatibility horoscope forecast for Gemini and Sagittarius in 2014 looks very promising.

Sagittarius - Cancer

Family-centric Cancer who likes to stay home and have quiet evenings may be reluctant to date a Sagittarius who wants freedom from societal norms and has a natural reckless abandon. Where Sagittarius is always coming up with date ideas, Cancer finds a problem with everyone in 2014. But the sweet spot is sexual. Sure, this love match was not made entirely in heaven, but who says it can't still have its positives? Look to the bedroom in 2014 for the best sex these two signs have ever had. For this union to succeed, Cancer must allow Sagittarius room to run free, and Sagittarius has to take the restlessness for the future down a notch and learn to live calmly and happily in the present, this applies especially to the Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility forecast for the year 2014.

Sagittarius - Leo

Sagittarius and Leo are two Fire signs who have a high forecast for compatibility in 2014. Their yearly struggles with love and relationships will be put to the test this year, and a big decision will need to be made before these two can move forward in 2014. Freedom loving Sagittarius will need to decide whether settling down is something to do this year or at a later date. Just don't be reckless, Sagittarius, because you may only get one chance at your Leo. At the same time, Leo must decide between sticking with Sagittarius or staying the leader of their pack of friends. Not to pit friends and lovers against each other, but this year 2014, it will be more of an issue than ever before. The sexual relationships between Sagittarius and Leo are legendary, so there will be nothing that either will be left wanting in that department.

Sagittarius - Virgo

You may have encountered your counterpart, either Sagittarius or Virgo, yearly and thought nothing of it. Perhaps they are a co-worker you barely notice or someone you pass by on your way to work every morning. This year 2014, you need to take notice. This compatibility horoscope forecast is telling you that love is in the air for the smart and witty Virgin in Virgo and the wise and adventurous archer in Sagittarius, and your weekly horoscope forecast will tell you when to be on the lookout in 2014. If you are already in a Virgo-Sagittarius union, you should also read your forecast horoscopes regularly to be on the lookout for when the time will be right to make that big decision you've been worrying about. This Virgo and Sagittarius relationship will really take flight in 2014. Enjoy the laughter, the love and the steamy sex.

Sagittarius - Libra

Compatibility is off the charts with Libra and Sagittarius in 2014. The adventurous and wild Sagittarius wants to gallop off into the sunset with Libra at their side, and this excites Libra, but at first the vacillating carrier of the scales may not be so sure. It's up to excitable Sagittarius to tip the scales in favor of a love match this year. As a first suggestion, just focus on dating to start. Don't stray into thoughts and questions about marriage and kids yet. Sagittarius should suggest a date that takes you outside and in the fresh air. Libra loves the beauty of nature, so a canoe trip or river walk might be just what this love match needs in 2014.

Sagittarius - Scorpio

The Archer and the Scorpion, is it a love match? Yearly astrology horoscopes for 2014 say absolutely. The reason compatibility is so high for this 2014 forecast is that the introverted and sometimes closed off nature of Scorpio perfectly matches the outgoing and adventure-loving side of Sagittarius. Unlike other opposites, these two do not clash but are compatible. Sagittarius, a Fire sign, is exciting and loves to get out into the world, but they are enticed by Scorpio's passion for intelligence and this Water sign's ability to stay grounded. Together, they would live harmoniously in the same home in 2014, enjoy exciting and playful sex and make excellent parents.

Sagittarius - Sagittarius

A Sagittarius and Sagittarius union has a consistently excellent yearly astrology forecast. In fact, with these two free birds who seek adventure and excitement at every turn, it's a love match that rarely fails. Dating will be fun and involve lots of physical activity and sports in 2014 that will transition nicely into the bedroom with sex being rough and playful. Horoscopes for Sagittarius often include warnings to back off on the bluntness, as this sign's wiseness can often be interpreted as know-it-all syndrome. Learn some tact and avoid being too reckless with hurtful words (even if you're just joking), and let this powerful relationship blossom into a permanent union in 2014.

Sagittarius - Capricorn

Sagittarius and Capricorn are intelligent signs. Astrology says that their usual yearly encounters and interactions may be limited to the work place or casual acquaintance, but this year, their individual horoscopes and united relationship horoscope reveal something different. Together, they unite and form an unstoppable team in 2014. The sincere, reliable and extremely smart Capricorn complements the wisdom and adventure-seeking nature of Sagittarius. Caution: Capricorns like to take things slow, and the recklessness in Sagittarius may aggravate them. That being said, Sagittarius' constant need for change may be an annoyance for Capricorn's slow sensibility in 2014. Some compromise must be made.

Sagittarius - Aquarius

These two social butterflies are a love match says their astrology forecast for this year 2014. Dating will be easy between two people who love to talk as much as they love to eat delicious artisan foods. After dinner, a great idea for a Sagittarius-Aquarius date is something that involves excitement, adventure and the unknown. The Archer in Sagittarius wants to get outdoors, and people-person Water Carrier, Aquarius, wants to do something with a group. What about a date to play soccer or kickball outside in 2014? Horoscope says the forecast for Sagittarius and Aquarius is sunny skies ahead. Caution: Dreamy Aquarius can seem silly and aloof to wise Aquarius, but any snide remarks will hurt the delicate balance of the Sagittarius and Aquarius paring in 2014.

Sagittarius - Pisces

Fun-loving Pisces has a horoscope forecast that reads love for a union with Sagittarius. The horoscope for the excitable Sagittarius is not very high in compatibility with Pisces in 2014. This is because Sagittarius can be bored with Pisces' introverted nature and propensity to sit and daydream out the window. Sagittarius wants to run and be free, while Pisces would rather recite poetry and dream about love and peace. But poetry might be where Pisces can snag Sagittarius in 2014. With Pisces' delicate and ornate stringing together of words, Sagittarius might come around and match horoscopes with the double Fish zodiac sign in Pisces. Astrology says this union has a 50/50 chance this year of 2014. It's up to the openness and willingness of both parties to see where this love match can take off.

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