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2014 Pisces Compatibility Forecast

2014 Compatibility Pisces

Forecasts and Compatibility Horoscopes for Pisces Year 2014
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Pisces - Aries

The zodiac has a first sign and a last, and they are Aries and Pisces respectively. This opposition could at first make you miss each other in 2014. But if you keep a keen eye out, your horoscope forecast says you'll be bound to find yourself unexpectedly drawn to someone who may at first seem way off your radar. Don't be swayed by friends or family members who say you don't go together and should stop dating. Pisces is a die-hard romantic, so they will be hard to deter, anyway. The forecast for the year 2014 says that Aries will be drawn in by Pisces dreaminess, though Pisces can also appear irresponsible in his unwillingness to blindly adhere to social standards. Each of you will need to change your style of communication a bit, but overall the yearly horoscope forecast for 2014 is stellar for Aries and Pisces’ compatibility.

Pisces - Taurus

In the year 2014, pleasure and comfort will be at the doors of both Taurus and Pisces. A joy of life brought on by material things will present itself to these two zodiac signs, but both should be wary of this instinctive feeling and read their forecast horoscopes as often as necessary in 2014. This will tell Taurus and Pisces that something more permanent and important is in store for them if they can get past the urge for comfort, namely, love. Pisces and Taurus have a real chance at a golden union in 2014 if they combine their energies this year. Sex will be passionate, communication will be easy, and living together will be bliss. Watch out: Pisces can be passive-aggressive which could anger the Bull in Taurus, and Taurus should lay off the possessiveness if any real progress is going to be made in 2014.

Pisces - Gemini

Gemini and Pisces can either be as happy as lambs together or vehemently hate each other. There really is no in between here. This year 2014 you will come together and take a big step that either or both of you may have been avoiding. Go into it with full force, and don't be apprehensive this upcoming year. Pisces will be the first to act. Gemini must quell second thoughts and avoid negative thinking. When fights do arise, each party should take time to themselves. Flighty Gemini with the dual personality will frustrate the Pisces who just wants to have a steady and loving relationship full of gushing over each other and romantic evenings. The year 2014 will be big work-wise for Gemini, but neither zodiac sign should let work get in the way of love. This is important and could mean the outcome of your relationship in 2014.

Pisces - Cancer

Cancer and Pisces are softies at heart, and that will bring you two much closer in 2014. You both may experience yearly bouts of sadness. They may not last too long, but this year, that sadness will actually bring sensitive Cancer and dreamy Pisces closer together. Don't rule out a sexual relationship if this union is just in the friendship stages right now. Read your horoscope forecasts as often as possible, and when your outlook is bleakest, this will be when you both should strike up something. Out of the fire will come love, not to mention fiery hot sex that leaves you both out of breath every time in 2014. Caution: Cancer can be "crabby," and Pisces can be a bit of a fibber. Work on these things for the best possible union.

Pisces - Leo

Pisces, a flowy and sensitive Water sign will find an opposite in the strong-willed and confident Leo. Where Leo is a natural born leader, Pisces prefers to go with the flow and follow life where it leads in 2014. But this is just a cover for Pisces. If Leo really listens, it will be revealed that Pisces is not so easy to give up the reins of where this relationship goes. A power struggle may ensure in 2014, one which Leo will absolutely not give in to, and Pisces will be left in tears. Luckily you have an innate compatibility in that you both readily wear your hearts on your sleeves. You have no problem discussing and talking out your problems, and this will make all the difference in 2014. Not to mention, you'll have excellent make-up sex, Leo and Pisces, and this is also a basis for great compatibility this year.

Pisces - Virgo

The horoscope forecast for the year 2014 says that open mindedness is the key to this Virgo and Pisces union lasting the test of time. A rocky 2014 forecast awaits you. There will be fighting and passive-aggressiveness, but there will also be great make-up sex that brings you back together for a time. Hold out. Astrology shows something in store for you that levels the playing field. Pisces may find a job they love, making the prior jealousy they felt toward the always successful Virgo obsolete. Virgo may loosen up and get a bigger circle of friends so that alone time isn't so lonely. Whatever it is, the compatibility is there, so just don't give up, Virgo and Pisces!

Pisces - Libra

Both Libras and Pisces are attracted to beauty, enticed by creativity and have warm hearts. This makes their paired forecast excellent for 2014. Libra should try to be more decisive, though, because dreamy Pisces tends to be a little irresponsible. In the same vain, Pisces should try to stay attached to solid ground a little bit more. With Pisces' head in the clouds, it will be hard to connect with down to earth Libra, and big and loud fights that end in slamming doors and days without speaking could ensue. Libra and Pisces always come back together, but who wants to fight? Make a few compromises here and there in 2014, and you two will soon be growing old together and enjoying a wonderful life.

Pisces - Scorpio

As two Water signs, Scorpio and Pisces share a common ground in 2014. They both have a lot of energy to expend every day, and that can be released through physical activity such as sports or working out, a lively social life full of exciting debate and discussion, or a passionate and experimental sex life. Sometimes all three of these exist for Scorpio and Pisces, and if so, that's where this relationship can really take off in 2014. Expect wild nights out with other fun couples, then some steamy sex at home. Pisces' outgoingness will be good for Scorpio, who may sometimes prefer to stay cooped up in 2014. You are both loyal and kind, yet Pisces may have more difficulty settling down.

Pisces - Sagittarius

Fun-loving Pisces has a horoscope forecast that reads love for a union with Sagittarius. The horoscope for the excitable Sagittarius is not very high in compatibility with Pisces in 2014. This is because Sagittarius can be bored with Pisces' introverted nature and propensity to sit and daydream out the window. Sagittarius wants to run and be free, while Pisces would rather recite poetry and dream about love and peace. But poetry might be where Pisces can snag Sagittarius in 2014. With Pisces' delicate and ornate stringing together of words, Sagittarius might come around and match horoscopes with the double Fish zodiac sign in Pisces. Astrology says this union has a 50/50 chance this year of 2014. It's up to the openness and willingness of both parties to see where this love match can take off.

Pisces - Capricorn

Capricorns and Pisces will have seen each other regularly, perhaps dating off and on. Although that past dating may not have been successful, 2014 could be a turn in the right direction. Sometimes childish Capricorn and head in the clouds Pisces will have matured more, and forecast horoscopes say they are ready for something serious together. Day dreamer, Pisces wants to start living life more practically and should look for a new job or ask for a raise in 2014. This will bring Pisces closer to where Capricorn (wise and hard-working) is on the map of life. Luckily, their differences do not often escalate into a fight, as Capricorn and Pisces are very understanding. In that same vain, their sexual relationship is easy, relaxed and always enjoyable.

Pisces - Aquarius

Aquarius' yearly forecast may say that Pisces is not a good potential love or sex partner. Pisces, who have their head in the clouds will adore the progressive sensibilities of Aquarius, but Aquarius could find Pisces too poetic and dreamy, preferring a less emotionally driven love match in 2014. Whether Aquarius is right or not depends on their willingness to try new things and experiment. The horoscope forecast for Aquarius and Pisces says that they may meet during a business transaction or with some event having to do with money. In the bedroom, these two can do some serious damage in 2014. Both Aquarius and Pisces love to experiment sexually, and the resulting sexual encounters will be playful and wild. This could keep Aquarius enticed in the beginning, but both parties need to think long and hard about where this relationship is going before they proceed.

Pisces - Pisces

In astrology, Pisces, the dual Fish sign of the zodiac is introverted and loves to think about what could be instead of what really is. With four Fish on the scene, two Pisces in a relationship may seem like a fantasy playing out with both partners always having their heads in the clouds. Is it a love match in 2014? This may depend on their financial situations. If both have good jobs and are sound financially, they could work well together. Although they are introverted, these two can have some great conversations. Their forecast horoscopes may send them in opposite directions, but if they want to find each other in 2014, they should get out of the house every weekend. Being social will lead them to each other, and they will notice each other immediately because of their mutual sexual attraction. Don't jump in the sack too quickly, though. Take your time and see how things progress.

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