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2014 Libra Compatibility Forecast

2014 Compatibility Libra

Forecasts and Compatibility Horoscopes for Libra Year 2014
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Libra - Aries

Libra and Aries come together to date this year, but dating won't be all they're doing. Their respective yearly difficulties with relationships leave them confused and disenchanted with love, but 2014 will be different. Aries should take a step back and appreciate the qualities that Libra can offer them: a charming countenance, an appreciation for beauty, handsomeness (which will show on their face and in their body) and a diplomatic view of the world. Libra will appreciate Aries' "joie de vivre" and passion for life. Aries should not try to "get Libra out of their shell," for this will only be met with animosity. Instead, Aries should think of a new and novel date that involves a quiet night in with a movie or a romantic dinner followed by passionate sex. The compatibility forecast 2014 for Aries and Libra looks very promising.

Libra - Taurus

The astrology forecast for a Taurus and Libra love match this 2014 is split. Both signs of the zodiac are ruled by lovely Venus, but there are opposing elements that make a relationship between these two a toss up. Taurus is a Bull on the ground, while Libras often have their heads in the clouds. Both enjoy a date that brings them out into social situations, and they love fancy clothes and gadgets. But a snobby attitude can ensue if one or the other is not reined in. Contrasting styles of leadership do not make this a love match made in heaven and the compatibility forecast for Taurus and Libra may not be an easy ride in the year 2014. The only way this relationships could really be a hit is if Taurus lets Libra's obsession for the aesthetic take precedence and takes care of other affairs. In a relationship with a Taurus and a Libra, strict delegations must be made to designate "territory," or there will be danger on the road ahead in 2014.

Libra - Gemini

Both Air signs, Libra and Gemini are simply not meant to be this 2014. It may be hard to digest at first, especially because of the sparks that fly between you when you first meet. This will be mistaken for compatibility, but it's superficial. Gemini and Libra should look elsewhere for love this year 2014 unless you can hold out as friends for a while more. The horoscope forecast for Gemini has work at the forefront, and beautiful Libra is more obsessed with an issue of justice or fairness that plagues them. Figure these things out before moving into a place of serious trust in 2014, but don't think that casual dating is not off the table. Your steamy sexual Gemini and Libra relationship could blossom before the rest comes together.

Libra - Cancer

Both Cancer and Libra can be babies. You're sweet and darling, and most people adore your individual zodiac signs when they meet you. Lovely Venus rules over Libra and Moon rules over Cancer, after all. But Cancer's moods can dip, where Libra prefers to stay with the glass half full at all times. Long discussions and passionate sex that lasts for hours will be important in this union in 2014, but neither should be too relaxed when dating first begins. That is to say, don't get too comfortable in the beginning, or it could be a turn off for the other. Keep things classy and put your best face forward. As a note, if tiffs or fights occur, the silent treatment won't work, so both, Cancer and Libra, can take that out of their head right now.

Libra - Leo

Libra, charming and diplomatic, goes well with the equally charming Leo. Both appreciate beauty in all its forms and enjoy social interactions. Leo, though, is more passionate, which can often irritate the "by the book" and more cerebral and intellectual Libra. Libra tends to procrastinate, thinking long and hard over issues and problems, while Leo wants to make the decision fast and quick and get it over with in 2014. Over time, the initial sexual attraction (which is hot and heavy) may wane, and you might end up telling yourselves you are better off as friends. Resist this urge and plod though, for it could be worth your while in 2014.

Libra - Virgo

The beautiful Libra will charm the pants off of often naive Virgo. That said, Libra will not be a bad mate, and this 2014 has a positive horoscope forecast on the love front for both Libra and Virgo. Libra, who rules the scales and has a deep care and passion for justice and fairness, may find a great mate in the level-headed Virgo. Both are somewhat obsessive, meaning that sex may be slow and meticulous. This isn't a bad thing, though, as it can lead to some steamy sexual nights that last for hours in 2014. Virgo should avoid over criticizing the often over sensitive Libra, and Libra should work on decision making skills, as the constant vacillation can be tiresome.

Libra - Libra

This is a love match made in heaven, your yearly astrology forecasts for 2014 say. The charming side of you two Libras will bring you together, and your diplomatic natures will keep you level-headed during your relationship. Sometimes you both will vacillate and change your minds, but because you do it together, no one gets too upset. Just don't forget to always make the decision in the end in 2014. Too many loose-ends can make life messy. You both are cheerful and happy, and your light-hearted look at life gives you a joyous life ahead. No other zodiac pairing is as free of care as you two Libras. You are fair and just, and you offer that to each other, which gives you a compatibility forecast for few fights and many happy moments ahead this year of 2014. Sex may get dull at times, so spice it up and experiment, Libra!

Libra - Scorpio

The Libra and Scorpio union is not common, but 2014 could be your year. You will definitely flirt well. Butterflies will abound, and in crowded rooms, you will talk and laugh with others, but you will always be sneaking flirty glances in the direction of the other. For this reason, the sexual relationship is at the top of the list for great things about this Libra and Scorpio union in 2014. Sex is experimental and always seems new. Libras may have trouble dedicating themselves fully to the secretive Scorpio, so Scorpios should try to be more open, and Libra should give Scorpio the benefit of the doubt. Trying new challenges together in 2014 can make this pairing last, so be adventurous and see where this year takes you!

Libra - Sagittarius

Compatibility is off the charts with Libra and Sagittarius in 2014. The adventurous and wild Sagittarius wants to gallop off into the sunset with Libra at their side, and this excites Libra, but at first the vacillating carrier of the scales may not be so sure. It's up to excitable Sagittarius to tip the scales in favor of a love match this year. As a first suggestion, just focus on dating to start. Don't stray into thoughts and questions about marriage and kids yet. Sagittarius should suggest a date that takes you outside and in the fresh air. Libra loves the beauty of nature, so a canoe trip or river walk might be just what this love match needs in 2014.

Libra - Capricorn

Initially, this love match is a no-go. You may even hate each other, and any mention of compatibility might be preposterous. But something will bring you together involuntarily, whether it's a work or school project or something else. Be ready for it by reading your horoscopes regularly and keeping your eyes open in 2014. The sexual tension between Libra and Capricorn will grow in time, and the first sex you have will seal the deal. You'll be gaga over each other after that, and the year 2014 will become a whirlwind love affair. Sincere and sometimes insecure Capricorn may have trouble with Libra's light-heartedness about everything, so Libra should make sure to be direct and forthright, while Capricorn may need to lighten up a bit, especially in 2014.

Libra - Aquarius

Aquarius tends to be a little aloof and idealistic says the basics of astrology, while Libra, the self-appointed judge of the zodiac world, concentrates on the facts. But you can't have it both ways, and that is why the forecast horoscope for this Libra-Aquarius union could be trouble in 2014. Dating may be frustrating from the get go. The saving grace? Sex. It's amazing, steamy and playful. This will keep Libra and Aquarius together for a while, but sex can't be the only element that holds up a relationship. At a certain point in 2014, Libra and Aquarius will both need to take a step back and examine whether or not you really want to go through with it all. If you do, put all your chips in. If not, get out while you can.

Libra - Pisces

Both Libras and Pisces are attracted to beauty, enticed by creativity and have warm hearts. This makes their paired forecast excellent for 2014. Libra should try to be more decisive, though, because dreamy Pisces tends to be a little irresponsible. In the same vain, Pisces should try to stay attached to solid ground a little bit more. With Pisces' head in the clouds, it will be hard to connect with down to earth Libra, and big and loud fights that end in slamming doors and days without speaking could ensue. Libra and Pisces always come back together, but who wants to fight? Make a few compromises here and there in 2014, and you two will soon be growing old together and enjoying a wonderful life.

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