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2014 Compatibility Leo and Yearly Forecast

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2014 Leo Compatibility Forecast

2014 Compatibility Leo

Forecasts and Compatibility Horoscopes for Leo Year 2014
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Leo - Aries

The year 2014 brings luck to Leo, and that means finding the love they may have been missing on a yearly basis with Aries. Dramatic and with a flair for charisma, Leo should go confidently into a relationship with Aries. If you are apprehensive, Leo, Aries will sense it and be turned away. Be strong and pursue Aries as the lion pursues its prey. As for Aries, tap into your sensitive side, and show who you really are to your partner. Leo won't want to see you trying to be something that you're not. As a strong and often arrogant being, Leo wants to take care of you–not all the time, but at least at first–so let down your guard in 2014 and allow Leo to seduce you and take you on a date. Dating could lead to a passionate and lasting relationship.

Leo - Taurus

Sexual tension will be high with Taurus and Leo in 2014. Just imagine a bull and a lion getting together, and you get the idea. Dating and sex couldn't be easier with these two wild signs. Pick a first date that pits you two against each other in an intellectual or physical game. You'll love the competition. Both of your zodiac signs love adventure but are also hotheads when it comes to a heated intellectual discussion. Because astrology tells us that both Taurus and Leo can be stubborn and proud, this could lead to some raucous (but fun) fights in the year 2014. It may also head in the other direction, turning this power couple into a glamorous duo that all your friends want to invite to their dinner parties. United, Taurus and Leo can conquer anything and anyone, but turn your dramatic and beastly powers against one another, and you've got trouble.

Leo - Gemini

Leo, you are a Fire sign, where Gemini is an Air sign. Mercury rules over Gemini. This can make Gemini a flighty and indecisive love mate, which may frustrate Leo, who prefers to be decisive and powerful in decision-making. For Leo, once a decision is made, it's done. This makes Leo a great partner in loyalty and devotion. But Leo's charisma and flair for drama can also make childish Gemini jealous, especially in the year 2014. Gemini should have personal goals and ideas that have nothing to do with Leo. This will create more individualism in the relationship in 2014 which is actually what you'll want in a union like this one. Caution: the sex in this relationship needs to be give and take, not just take. Stick to this and the compatibility forecast 2014 for Gemini and Leo will be a very positive one.

Leo - Cancer

Face it, Leo has an ego, and Cancer is as dramatic as a Broadway star at times. Your fights could be blown to epic proportions if this relationship comes to fruition in 2014. That's why this pairing comes with a warning: date at your own risk. But if either Cancer or Leo has a love for hot debate (and they do), then the sex will be equally as hot. Cancer's tendency to be sensitive could be seen as crankiness to Fire-sign Leo, whose excitement will often be too much for Cancer to handle, especially in 2014. You're black and white sometimes, and a relationship won't be easy. Therapy will probably be a necessity here, but of course, don't let that sway you. Drama can be a huge part of keeping great relationships exciting, and this one certainly won't be boring. Expect a non-boring 2014.

Leo - Leo

Leos are notoriously dramatic, charismatic and alluring to others. It is their charm that draws others in, but their so-called arrogance that can push people away. In 2014, this will be where the Leo with Leo match is tested. Do you stay together despite both of you being a bit "catty" and self-involved? Or do you cut and run? You'll need to make big choices here, and once you choose, don't turn back. If there's trouble, consider some forced together time, but don't go out with other couples. With some sweat and tears, you can make this work in 2014. You are a courageous breed of the zodiac, and you should fight until the end, Leo. As a side note, you are both sexual animals, so you should use this to your advantage.

Leo - Virgo

Around Virgo, the loud and raucous Lion in Leo becomes a baby kitten. Virgo is impressed, and acts accordingly. This could be a banner year for the Leo and Virgo duo to take over the world. Literally, you two would make excellent partners in business. You are both megastars in the fiscal world, able to make and keep loads of money according to your yearly horoscope forecast. This year 2014 is no different. After a relationship has started, Leo should turn that lion charm up a notch and Virgo can act on that co-dependent and loyal nature to stick by Leo's side. Your sex is subdued despite Leo's fiery passion, but it is loving and caring, and that makes all the difference in your compatibility forecast for the year 2014.

Leo - Libra

Libra, charming and diplomatic, goes well with the equally charming Leo. Both appreciate beauty in all its forms and enjoy social interactions. Leo, though, is more passionate, which can often irritate the "by the book" and more cerebral and intellectual Libra. Libra tends to procrastinate, thinking long and hard over issues and problems, while Leo wants to make the decision fast and quick and get it over with in 2014. Over time, the initial sexual attraction (which is hot and heavy) may wane, and you might end up telling yourselves you are better off as friends. Resist this urge and plod though, for it could be worth your while in 2014.

Leo - Scorpio

In more than one way, Leo and Scorpio are complete opposites. While Scorpio prefers the mystery of darkness and likes to hide away and read books on rainy days, this forecast horoscope says Leo is an exhibitionist and wants to be out in front of everyone, showing off. This could cause disturbances in the relationship in 2014. Sex will bring you back together, but don't let this union be purely sexual. Leo should remember that Scorpio can become crazily jealous and rein in the desire to constantly show off, while Scorpio needs to offer Leo more by way of encouragement and praise. If both partners put in what they can in 2014, the compatibility here has a high forecast for success. It’s up to you, Leo and Scorpio!

Leo - Sagittarius

Sagittarius and Leo are two Fire signs who have a high forecast for compatibility in 2014. Their yearly struggles with love and relationships will be put to the test this year, and a big decision will need to be made before these two can move forward in 2014. Freedom loving Sagittarius will need to decide whether settling down is something to do this year or at a later date. Just don't be reckless, Sagittarius, because you may only get one chance at your Leo. At the same time, Leo must decide between sticking with Sagittarius or staying the leader of their pack of friends. Not to pit friends and lovers against each other, but this year 2014, it will be more of an issue than ever before. The sexual relationships between Sagittarius and Leo are legendary, so there will be nothing that either will be left wanting in that department.

Leo - Capricorn

The Capricorn and Leo union can lead to some nasty tiffs, but the sexual attraction is on fire in 2014. The bedroom is a place for lust and desire with these two, and the sex will be the best either has ever had. In 2014, read your horoscope forecasts weekly to find a time when your luck is running your way in terms of love. Strike while the iron is hot and ask the other on a date. Capricorn may be a bit more apprehensive, but Leo will be deeply invested in this love match. Where this will be good is when Leo urges Capricorn to do something they might have not thought possible in 2014. Capricorn can make Leo feel special, but winning over Capricorn's love won't be easy. When the going gets tough, it will be fight or flight for Leo and Capricorn. Fight it out, and there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Leo - Aquarius

Jealously may run rampant in the union of Leo and Aquarius in 2014. If you've been in a relationship for a while, you've already seen what nasty thoughts jealousy can lead to, so why not nip it in the bud this year of 2014? Leo should avoid being so obviously arrogant and pompous, and Aquarius should tone down the go-getter attitude. That is not to say that both should not work hard for success, for in no other year is business and financial success more in the horoscope forecast for Leo and Aquarius. This is the year to start a business or make that investment you've been thinking about. Go for it, and reap the benefits together. When you see success, celebrate with a night out, followed by a night in and some fiery sex. Leo and Aquarius can turn this year 2014 into an erotic love success if they are both up for it.

Leo - Pisces

Pisces, a flowy and sensitive Water sign will find an opposite in the strong-willed and confident Leo. Where Leo is a natural born leader, Pisces prefers to go with the flow and follow life where it leads in 2014. But this is just a cover for Pisces. If Leo really listens, it will be revealed that Pisces is not so easy to give up the reins of where this relationship goes. A power struggle may ensure in 2014, one which Leo will absolutely not give in to, and Pisces will be left in tears. Luckily you have an innate compatibility in that you both readily wear your hearts on your sleeves. You have no problem discussing and talking out your problems, and this will make all the difference in 2014. Not to mention, you'll have excellent make-up sex, Leo and Pisces, and this is also a basis for great compatibility this year.

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