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2014 Gemini Compatibility Forecast

2014 Compatibility Gemini

Forecasts and Compatibility Horoscopes for Gemini Year 2014
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Gemini - Aries

Aries and Gemini who opt for a relationship this year may find trouble along their path. Because of Gemini's yearly 2014 horoscope which touts an inconsistent nature (always switching from one "twin" to the other), Aries can be set off at any moment. On the other hand, this can be an advantage too in that Gemini can adapt easily to different situations, and Aries is not traditionally quiet or soft-spoken, but likes action and change. Gemini is intelligent and playful, which matches Aries' knack for finding fun and adventure in unexpected places. Aries should still be ready for some down time for Gemini's "other twin." Aries and Gemini should check their yearly horoscopes periodically throughout the year 2014 to see when love will present itself. These weeks will be critical for a potential Aries-Gemini relationship, so both signs should be on the lookout.

Gemini - Taurus

Gemini is a free-spirited artist at heart and loves to argue, while Taurus is stubborn, talented and also artistic. In some realms, this relationship can be full of love and admiration in 2014, but the compatibility may not be quite all there. Dating can be hard with Gemini's two-faced nature and Taurus' inability to change (meaning, don't expect an amazing first date). If you do find a love match with a Taurus and a Gemini, astrology tells us that it will be in the business world. Gemini has an eye for style and a finger on the technology pulse of society, whereas the horoscope for Taurus this year is a forecast for great financial decisions in his or her business. For this love match to come to fruition in 2014, both parties should be on a special lookout during an event they do yearly, such as a holiday party at work.

Gemini - Gemini

Gemini, the zodiac sign most often associated with a "two-face" or dual-personality individual, finds a relationship of four when they get into relationships with themselves. This can be a crowded party. In 2014, Gemini will have a lot of things to be thankful for according to their fortunate yearly horoscope forecast. Compatibility with another Gemini signs may not be one of them. You are restless, and the forecast for love may be bumpy with another equally restless Gemini. If you really want to make this relationship work, you'll need to put the time in, especially in 2014. As a Gemini, you're constantly leaving loose ends and abandoning projects. Don't abandon this relationship at the first sign of trouble, and your forecast could put you on the fast track to love this year.

Gemini - Cancer

The forecast for this union says you'll meet at a cultural event, and compatibility will be high first between one of you and the other's friend. Don't let this friend be distracting. The real 2014 forecast is for Gemini and Cancer. You may first bond over a favorite movie or novel (both interests of yours), and dating will ensue. The zodiac knows Gemini to be the fickle youth who can't decide and may lash out at the softest criticism. Cancer will do well to be patient during these times, but Gemini should also not take Cancer's affection and nurturing for granted in 2014. A good idea for a date is going somewhere with animals. Do not go on a date that involves physical activity, at least not at first.

Gemini - Leo

Leo, you are a Fire sign, where Gemini is an Air sign. Mercury rules over Gemini. This can make Gemini a flighty and indecisive love mate, which may frustrate Leo, who prefers to be decisive and powerful in decision-making. For Leo, once a decision is made, it's done. This makes Leo a great partner in loyalty and devotion. But Leo's charisma and flair for drama can also make childish Gemini jealous, especially in the year 2014. Gemini should have personal goals and ideas that have nothing to do with Leo. This will create more individualism in the relationship in 2014 which is actually what you'll want in a union like this one. Caution: the sex in this relationship needs to be give and take, not just take. Stick to this and the compatibility forecast 2014 for Gemini and Leo will be a very positive one.

Gemini - Virgo

Both Virgo and Gemini love to gab. This year 2014 especially, your horoscope forecasts spell success in the work place and financially, and with that burden off your back, you feel like you could spend the whole evening talking and discussing. You're both quick and diligent in everything you do, because you're both ruled by the speedy, information-getting Mercury. As a unit, Gemini and Virgo would make excellent parents. You may meet at a yearly event that involves children. Or, if you are already in a love relationship, something significant will spark your attention in each other at a children-related yearly event in 2014. Be on the lookout, because a Gemini-Virgo relationship equals power and stability, not to mention, the sex sizzles and always leaves you both wanting more.

Gemini - Libra

Both Air signs, Libra and Gemini are simply not meant to be this 2014. It may be hard to digest at first, especially because of the sparks that fly between you when you first meet. This will be mistaken for compatibility, but it's superficial. Gemini and Libra should look elsewhere for love this year 2014 unless you can hold out as friends for a while more. The horoscope forecast for Gemini has work at the forefront, and beautiful Libra is more obsessed with an issue of justice or fairness that plagues them. Figure these things out before moving into a place of serious trust in 2014, but don't think that casual dating is not off the table. Your steamy sexual Gemini and Libra relationship could blossom before the rest comes together.

Gemini - Scorpio

Combine the strengths of Gemini and Scorpio, and a power couple is born that could take over. You both will think you could be better off alone or that you have more compatibility with those who are your exact likeness, but think again. The old adage, "opposites attract" is not wrong, especially in 2014. Flighty Gemini who always wants to be on the go will be intensely drawn to the dark mysteriousness of Scorpio, while Scorpio looks at the curious and outgoing Gemini with wonder and becomes impressed. If dating goes well, and this union takes off, sexual tensions will get out of control before one of you stubborn zodiac signs caves. This horoscope forecast says 2014 is a hot and steamy year for sex for Gemini and Scorpio.

Gemini - Sagittarius

Together, Sagittarius and Gemini are intellectually superior to other zodiac unions. Astrology tells us that there are two minds, the "lower" and the "higher." Where Gemini rules the lower mind in words of common sense, facts and reasoning out difficult situations, Sagittarius takes over the wisdom-filled higher mind of philosophy, ethics and consciousness. Your hunger for knowledge stretches far beyond other knowledge seeking signs of the zodiac, and you find a common ground in areas of academia. In 2014, look for your Sagittarius or Gemini lover on a college campus, at a documentary film showing or a classical music concert. Your respective dispositions may be hard to figure for a pair, but the love is there, and the hours of intellectual discussion will be like foreplay for some of the greatest sexual encounters of your lives. Thus, the compatibility horoscope forecast for Gemini and Sagittarius in 2014 looks very promising.

Gemini - Capricorn

The physical and sexual relationship between Capricorn and Gemini will happen fast, so be careful. This isn't a bad thing, but apprehensive and sometimes cold Capricorn may be struck dumb with the passionate sexual attraction they see in Gemini in 2014. Gemini, more accustomed to being passionate and sexual with partners initially will not be as shocked. That being said, Gemini should be careful not to get too jealous. Capricorn should take it slow after the first encounter, so as not to become too obsessive over Gemini, who will take to the streets if they feel claustrophobic. Family feuds could be a problem with family-centric Capricorn and free-spirited Gemini in 2014. Both will find solace in peaceful evenings alone followed by steamy sex.

Gemini - Aquarius

2014 will bring Aquarius and Gemini together in a yearly fling that has often led to nothing. This year, things will change. The shallow initial attractions of this pair, noted for their compatibility, will turn into a weathered love for each other. Aquarius must get over their childish aloofness, and realize that the world is not a place to idealize and neither is love in 2014. Similarly, often selfish Gemini must learn to give in to this union and respect the ideas and feelings of Aquarius. After the "infatuation" stage, both Gemini and Aquarius will find each other grasping for something to link themselves together this year. Perseverance and dedication will help in this, and a lovely pairing will show itself in time. The yearly forecast 2014 for Gemini and Aries looks very promising.

Gemini - Pisces

Gemini and Pisces can either be as happy as lambs together or vehemently hate each other. There really is no in between here. This year 2014 you will come together and take a big step that either or both of you may have been avoiding. Go into it with full force, and don't be apprehensive this upcoming year. Pisces will be the first to act. Gemini must quell second thoughts and avoid negative thinking. When fights do arise, each party should take time to themselves. Flighty Gemini with the dual personality will frustrate the Pisces who just wants to have a steady and loving relationship full of gushing over each other and romantic evenings. The year 2014 will be big work-wise for Gemini, but neither zodiac sign should let work get in the way of love. This is important and could mean the outcome of your relationship in 2014.

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