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2014 Capricorn Compatibility Forecast

2014 Compatibility Capricorn

Forecasts and Compatibility Horoscopes for Capricorn Year 2014
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Capricorn - Aries

Aries is used to being leader of the pack as the Ram, but with Capricorn (the Goat), the match is on. Watch out, Aries, for a wild ride, but it could be fun. Astrology says that Aries will obediently back down to the heavy respect brought by Capricorn's ruler, Saturn, who is always wise and strong. Both signs are noble and deserve respect, but Capricorn will take the driver's seat in this relationship (at least at the beginning of the new year 2014). For this reason, when dating, let Capricorn pick the first date and Aries can gain more foothold in the relationship slowly from there. After dating for a while, ambitious and hard-working Capricorn will loosen and learn to love the devotion and softness that Aries can offer in a relationship like this. As for sex, fiery Aries will lead the lustier side out of Capricorn, and the bedroom will become a haven of pleasure for these two signs.

Capricorn - Taurus

Capricorn's heart is in work, and as the Bull, Taurus keeps nose to the grind stone as well. As for sexual encounters in 2014, Taurus has assimilated to a hot and lusty sex life, whereas Capricorn's willingness to be blatantly sexual is more guarded. It may be hard for Taurus to guide Capricorn away from work when 5pm arrives, but it will be worth it. The key to this love match in the year 2014 will be working hard by day and being able to leave it all behind at night. Read your individual horoscopes to learn more about how to handle work this year, and you'll be all set. Just don't spend too much money. You will both enjoy a relaxing evening lounging on the sofa in 2014 as much as you would spending triple digits at a five star restaurant.

Capricorn - Gemini

The physical and sexual relationship between Capricorn and Gemini will happen fast, so be careful. This isn't a bad thing, but apprehensive and sometimes cold Capricorn may be struck dumb with the passionate sexual attraction they see in Gemini in 2014. Gemini, more accustomed to being passionate and sexual with partners initially will not be as shocked. That being said, Gemini should be careful not to get too jealous. Capricorn should take it slow after the first encounter, so as not to become too obsessive over Gemini, who will take to the streets if they feel claustrophobic. Family feuds could be a problem with family-centric Capricorn and free-spirited Gemini in 2014. Both will find solace in peaceful evenings alone followed by steamy sex.

Capricorn - Cancer

Astrology has a mother zodiac sign and a father zodiac sign, and they are Cancer and Capricorn respectively. This gives you an idea of what your potential relationship could look like basically yearly. Every time these signs hook up, a symbiotic relationship is in the works. The year 2014 is no different. Cancer as the mother of astrology will rule family, home and the hearth, while Capricorn takes care of ambition, authority and finances for this couple. In this day and age, and throughout the year of 2014, this could cause some clashing. Testy Cancer might resent the financial gain of hard-working and successful Capricorn, and Capricorn may be cold to the affection that Cancer needs as the main care-giver. Sacrifices and compromises are vital if this relationship is going to work in 2014. Sex could be put on hold during fights, and that will only complicate things as the physical connection of sexual relations is a binding union with this pair.

Capricorn - Leo

The Capricorn and Leo union can lead to some nasty tiffs, but the sexual attraction is on fire in 2014. The bedroom is a place for lust and desire with these two, and the sex will be the best either has ever had. In 2014, read your horoscope forecasts weekly to find a time when your luck is running your way in terms of love. Strike while the iron is hot and ask the other on a date. Capricorn may be a bit more apprehensive, but Leo will be deeply invested in this love match. Where this will be good is when Leo urges Capricorn to do something they might have not thought possible in 2014. Capricorn can make Leo feel special, but winning over Capricorn's love won't be easy. When the going gets tough, it will be fight or flight for Leo and Capricorn. Fight it out, and there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Capricorn - Virgo

Is it a love match between Virgo and Capricorn? 2014 will be the year to find out. You're both two of the most serious and practical signs of the zodiac, but that doesn't mean you can't get crazy in the sack too. Be prepared for sex that leaves you wanting more every time in 2014. But if you've just met, don't rush into sexual relations too fast. You want to be able to get to know each other's quirks (and they're there). As a united front, you will do well to start a business together with Capricorn running things behind the scenes (some people might mistake Capricornsí seriousness as being cold) and Virgo heading up the service end of business. Remember to lighten up, especially when you fight in 2014. Choose your battles.

Capricorn - Libra

Initially, this love match is a no-go. You may even hate each other, and any mention of compatibility might be preposterous. But something will bring you together involuntarily, whether it's a work or school project or something else. Be ready for it by reading your horoscopes regularly and keeping your eyes open in 2014. The sexual tension between Libra and Capricorn will grow in time, and the first sex you have will seal the deal. You'll be gaga over each other after that, and the year 2014 will become a whirlwind love affair. Sincere and sometimes insecure Capricorn may have trouble with Libra's light-heartedness about everything, so Libra should make sure to be direct and forthright, while Capricorn may need to lighten up a bit, especially in 2014.

Capricorn - Scorpio

The forecast for Scorpio and Capricorn could go either way. Grudge holding Scorpio may clash with sometimes vindictive Capricorn in 2014. Scorpio may meet Capricorn at work or during a business transaction, and though the duo will do well working together in business, a love match may not be in the forecast for Scorpio and Capricorn. They may feel a strong sexual pull toward each other, thinking that this will lead to an emotional attachment, but the intellectual compatibility may simply not be there. Business partners or friends are possible with this pairing in 2014, but anything more might simply lead to tears, fights and extended periods of not talking.

Capricorn - Sagittarius

Sagittarius and Capricorn are intelligent signs. Astrology says that their usual yearly encounters and interactions may be limited to the work place or casual acquaintance, but this year, their individual horoscopes and united relationship horoscope reveal something different. Together, they unite and form an unstoppable team in 2014. The sincere, reliable and extremely smart Capricorn complements the wisdom and adventure-seeking nature of Sagittarius. Caution: Capricorns like to take things slow, and the recklessness in Sagittarius may aggravate them. That being said, Sagittarius' constant need for change may be an annoyance for Capricorn's slow sensibility in 2014. Some compromise must be made.

Capricorn - Capricorn

Capricorns are notoriously reliable, dependable and trustworthy, which makes them excellent companions in 2014. However, they're not innately competitive (though they can learn to be, if pressed), so that makes attracting and snagging the attention of the other a problem. Yearly astrology pins Capricorns with other signs who are more outgoing, but the compatibility is high between their own kind for 2014. It's just a matter of who will take the first step. For a love match to be possible this year, one Capricorn will need to step it up and take initiative. Avoid the tendency to act cold toward one-another, and put that hard-working attitude toward your love lives instead of work for a change. Sexual tension will build between two Capricorns making sex exciting and a mind-blowing experience for both.

Capricorn - Aquarius

The 2014 forecast says there will be a definite love match between Aquarius and Capricorn. It's amazing what the power of "opposites attract" can accomplish. While down-to-earth Capricorn has an innate desire to stay and hang out at home, they are drawn to fun-loving Aquarius, who wants to get out into nature and experience life to the fullest in 2014. At the same time, Aquarius should check personal horoscopes daily for a time when taking the adventure and excitement down a notch will do them good. There comes a time for Aquarius when nesting indoors with a loyal and wise partner like Capricorn is just what the doctor ordered. A big decision is ahead for these two sexy signs, and it should be addressed quickly. Capricorns and Aquarius have loving and tender sex that can sometimes get wild and extra fun, and this will be no different in 2014.

Capricorn - Pisces

Capricorns and Pisces will have seen each other regularly, perhaps dating off and on. Although that past dating may not have been successful, 2014 could be a turn in the right direction. Sometimes childish Capricorn and head in the clouds Pisces will have matured more, and forecast horoscopes say they are ready for something serious together. Day dreamer, Pisces wants to start living life more practically and should look for a new job or ask for a raise in 2014. This will bring Pisces closer to where Capricorn (wise and hard-working) is on the map of life. Luckily, their differences do not often escalate into a fight, as Capricorn and Pisces are very understanding. In that same vain, their sexual relationship is easy, relaxed and always enjoyable.

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