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2014 Cancer Compatibility Forecast

2014 Compatibility Cancer

Forecasts and Compatibility Horoscopes for Cancer Year 2014
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Cancer - Aries

On a yearly basis, Aries (the Ram) and Cancer (the Crab) are a love match, and they have high levels of compatibility in both dating and relationships. Sensitive and tenacious Cancer could clash with the sometimes loud and open Aries, but for the most part, their romance will be playful and fun–a game of cat and mouse. In other partnerships where Aries is involved, Aries' passion for taking charge could be detrimental, but here the mixture of Aries' confidence and Cancer's tenacity will thrive together. The sexual relationship will be steamy in 2014 with Aries taking charge for the most part under the covers and Cancer showing a softer side. But be ready Aries, Cancer's horoscope forecast for the year 2014 says they might have some sexy ideas to spice things up as well!

Cancer - Taurus

Taurus and Cancer could grow old together if they find a love match in the year of 2014. Horoscopes for compatibility between these two special signs of the zodiac forecast a relationship that will take them into old age. Family is important for both Taurus and Cancer, so they will make great parents. With that being said, Cancer can be overly self-conscious and too tender when words get heated. Taurus should be practical and understand the situation by using kid gloves, but Cancer could also use a good toughening up this year. Astrology in the houses of Taurus and Cancer for 2014 shows positivity in love and family, so if kids are in the future of this relationship, this is a great year to start.

Cancer - Gemini

The forecast for this union says you'll meet at a cultural event, and compatibility will be high first between one of you and the other's friend. Don't let this friend be distracting. The real 2014 forecast is for Gemini and Cancer. You may first bond over a favorite movie or novel (both interests of yours), and dating will ensue. The zodiac knows Gemini to be the fickle youth who can't decide and may lash out at the softest criticism. Cancer will do well to be patient during these times, but Gemini should also not take Cancer's affection and nurturing for granted in 2014. A good idea for a date is going somewhere with animals. Do not go on a date that involves physical activity, at least not at first.

Cancer - Cancer

Cancer and Cancer have naturally wonderful compatibility and make great partners. A first date between these two will soon lead to moving in together and soon after, wedding bells. Things move fast at the Cancer-Cancer residence, and as both are Water signs, coziness and the comforts of life will be important to each of you, especially in the year 2014. Nurturing will play a big part in this relationship, but if one Cancer turns cold, the other will turn away, and it will be hard to reunite again within the year 2014. To avoid a situation like this, both Cancers need to get out of the house often. Too much Cancer emotion under one roof will almost definitely lead to disaster. If things go well though, a relationship that lasts into old age will come to fruition, accented by mind-blowing sex. Therefore the compatibility forecast for 2014 is looking good for Cancers in a love relationship.

Cancer - Leo

Face it, Leo has an ego, and Cancer is as dramatic as a Broadway star at times. Your fights could be blown to epic proportions if this relationship comes to fruition in 2014. That's why this pairing comes with a warning: date at your own risk. But if either Cancer or Leo has a love for hot debate (and they do), then the sex will be equally as hot. Cancer's tendency to be sensitive could be seen as crankiness to Fire-sign Leo, whose excitement will often be too much for Cancer to handle, especially in 2014. You're black and white sometimes, and a relationship won't be easy. Therapy will probably be a necessity here, but of course, don't let that sway you. Drama can be a huge part of keeping great relationships exciting, and this one certainly won't be boring. Expect a non-boring 2014.

Cancer - Virgo

By 2014, you are likely already close friends with this partner. Level-headed and detail-oriented Virgos make fast friends with their sensitive and tenacious Cancer counterparts. As a duo, you're practical and would make excellent business partners. People may have called one or both of you nerds in the past, but by 2014, this "nerdiness" has served you and your horoscope forecasts well. Be ready for a financially stable life together, and a calm and peaceful co-existence. You will do well cooking, cleaning or again, doing business together. Caution: your compatibility will be tested if you stay home all the time. Both of you, Cancer and Virgo, must take the time to go out individually and have your own circles of friends. Your sexual relations will be loving and sultry.

Cancer - Libra

Both Cancer and Libra can be babies. You're sweet and darling, and most people adore your individual zodiac signs when they meet you. Lovely Venus rules over Libra and Moon rules over Cancer, after all. But Cancer's moods can dip, where Libra prefers to stay with the glass half full at all times. Long discussions and passionate sex that lasts for hours will be important in this union in 2014, but neither should be too relaxed when dating first begins. That is to say, don't get too comfortable in the beginning, or it could be a turn off for the other. Keep things classy and put your best face forward. As a note, if tiffs or fights occur, the silent treatment won't work, so both, Cancer and Libra, can take that out of their head right now.

Cancer - Scorpio

Cancer (the Crab) and Scorpio (the Scorpion) are two cut from the same cloth. In 2014, a social event for either of these two will lead to a budding friendship, which could in turn lead to love. This is not a case of opposites attract. The compatibility is high as there is innate trust and loyalty from the get-go in 2014. Sex will be slow and steamy, and neither will feel self-conscious which may be new for you. Outside the bedroom, Scorpio may be a bit abrasive at times when attacked, and Cancer can be childish. But there's no cause for concern here. As Water signs, you'll both find your ways back to each other just as the river finds its way to the ocean.

Cancer - Sagittarius

Family-centric Cancer who likes to stay home and have quiet evenings may be reluctant to date a Sagittarius who wants freedom from societal norms and has a natural reckless abandon. Where Sagittarius is always coming up with date ideas, Cancer finds a problem with everyone in 2014. But the sweet spot is sexual. Sure, this love match was not made entirely in heaven, but who says it can't still have its positives? Look to the bedroom in 2014 for the best sex these two signs have ever had. For this union to succeed, Cancer must allow Sagittarius room to run free, and Sagittarius has to take the restlessness for the future down a notch and learn to live calmly and happily in the present, this applies especially to the Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility forecast for the year 2014.

Cancer - Capricorn

Astrology has a mother zodiac sign and a father zodiac sign, and they are Cancer and Capricorn respectively. This gives you an idea of what your potential relationship could look like basically yearly. Every time these signs hook up, a symbiotic relationship is in the works. The year 2014 is no different. Cancer as the mother of astrology will rule family, home and the hearth, while Capricorn takes care of ambition, authority and finances for this couple. In this day and age, and throughout the year of 2014, this could cause some clashing. Testy Cancer might resent the financial gain of hard-working and successful Capricorn, and Capricorn may be cold to the affection that Cancer needs as the main care-giver. Sacrifices and compromises are vital if this relationship is going to work in 2014. Sex could be put on hold during fights, and that will only complicate things as the physical connection of sexual relations is a binding union with this pair.

Cancer - Aquarius

2014 may not be the year for Cancer and Aquarius to become united, but friendship and a possible relationship in the future (which could lead to marriage) is definitely in the plan for a future year, so don't pass your Cancer or Aquarius by just yet in 2014. Remember that your affection for each other will be physical at first, but don't let yourselves think that that means your attraction is purely physical. Find a way to be friends, Cancer and Aquarius. Go out to clubs together in a large group or play a sport together for fun. You will make each other laugh, and you will probably find that you are friends first and foremost. Stick to it and in a year or two more will come. Although the compatibility forecast for 2014 for Cancer and Aries might not look that great at first, the new year will also bring new ties to these two signs.

Cancer - Pisces

Cancer and Pisces are softies at heart, and that will bring you two much closer in 2014. You both may experience yearly bouts of sadness. They may not last too long, but this year, that sadness will actually bring sensitive Cancer and dreamy Pisces closer together. Don't rule out a sexual relationship if this union is just in the friendship stages right now. Read your horoscope forecasts as often as possible, and when your outlook is bleakest, this will be when you both should strike up something. Out of the fire will come love, not to mention fiery hot sex that leaves you both out of breath every time in 2014. Caution: Cancer can be "crabby," and Pisces can be a bit of a fibber. Work on these things for the best possible union.

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