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2014 Aries Compatibility Forecast

2014 Compatibility Aries

Forecasts and Compatibility Horoscopes for Aries Year 2014
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Aries - Aries

Astrology says that when Aries and Aries get together in 2014, sparks will fly, but whether those sparks are good or bad is yet to be said. This is because both of you want to be in charge and make the decisions in the relationship. If you can be respectful of one another and give each other the space you need in 2014, a passionate relationship full of mutual respect will blossom, and it will be accented by a fiery sex life that leaves nothing to be desired in the bedroom. But watch out! Your horoscope forecast for the year 2014 says that because of strong egos and both partners wanting to run the show (yet at the same time be autonomous in the relationship) these rams may eventually lock horns, resulting in turmoil.

Aries - Taurus

If a Taurus and Aries are looking for a love match this 2014, both parties are looking in the right place. While Aries' yearly horoscope for 2014 says they can be bossy and independent at times, Taurus is practical and down to earth, which reigns Aries in and deflates their large ego in a good way. Aries' tendency to be a little more extroverted and playful will help Taurus get out into the world more and experience life. Each party should make sure to respect the cadence of each other's lives, otherwise the rhythm in your love relationship will get out of balance in 2014, leaving Taurus alone at home and Aries out at the bar on weekends. Work together to create a flow, and you won't be sorry. Taurus and Aires are notoriously compatible sexually because of Taurus' soft and slow manner and Aires' fiery passion.

Aries - Gemini

Aries and Gemini who opt for a relationship this year may find trouble along their path. Because of Gemini's yearly 2014 horoscope which touts an inconsistent nature (always switching from one "twin" to the other), Aries can be set off at any moment. On the other hand, this can be an advantage too in that Gemini can adapt easily to different situations, and Aries is not traditionally quiet or soft-spoken, but likes action and change. Gemini is intelligent and playful, which matches Aries' knack for finding fun and adventure in unexpected places. Aries should still be ready for some down time for Gemini's "other twin." Aries and Gemini should check their yearly horoscopes periodically throughout the year 2014 to see when love will present itself. These weeks will be critical for a potential Aries-Gemini relationship, so both signs should be on the lookout.

Aries - Cancer

On a yearly basis, Aries (the Ram) and Cancer (the Crab) are a love match, and they have high levels of compatibility in both dating and relationships. Sensitive and tenacious Cancer could clash with the sometimes loud and open Aries, but for the most part, their romance will be playful and fun–a game of cat and mouse. In other partnerships where Aries is involved, Aries' passion for taking charge could be detrimental, but here the mixture of Aries' confidence and Cancer's tenacity will thrive together. The sexual relationship will be steamy in 2014 with Aries taking charge for the most part under the covers and Cancer showing a softer side. But be ready Aries, Cancer's horoscope forecast for the year 2014 says they might have some sexy ideas to spice things up as well!

Aries - Leo

The year 2014 brings luck to Leo, and that means finding the love they may have been missing on a yearly basis with Aries. Dramatic and with a flair for charisma, Leo should go confidently into a relationship with Aries. If you are apprehensive, Leo, Aries will sense it and be turned away. Be strong and pursue Aries as the lion pursues its prey. As for Aries, tap into your sensitive side, and show who you really are to your partner. Leo won't want to see you trying to be something that you're not. As a strong and often arrogant being, Leo wants to take care of you–not all the time, but at least at first–so let down your guard in 2014 and allow Leo to seduce you and take you on a date. Dating could lead to a passionate and lasting relationship.

Aries - Virgo

Virgo's horoscope forecast for 2014 says that work will be extremely important this year. Virgos traditionally have identities linked to their jobs, so this won’t be difficult. Make sure to focus on work in 2014, though, for reasons having to do with love. This is where you'll find it; Aries will be waiting. Don't let yourself obsess over Aries if you are a Virgo, though. And Aries should also be sure never mock the level-headed and often overly detailed Virgo. Aries should use intelligence to hook Virgo, as Virgo must be intellectually stimulated at all times. This is vital anywhere from everyday relationship communication to the bedroom where Virgo will be bored by an uninteresting partner. Aries should not be turned off by this, however, because Virgo (the Virgin) has sexual encounters that are notoriously hot and enticing.

Aries - Libra

Libra and Aries come together to date this year, but dating won't be all they're doing. Their respective yearly difficulties with relationships leave them confused and disenchanted with love, but 2014 will be different. Aries should take a step back and appreciate the qualities that Libra can offer them: a charming countenance, an appreciation for beauty, handsomeness (which will show on their face and in their body) and a diplomatic view of the world. Libra will appreciate Aries' "joie de vivre" and passion for life. Aries should not try to "get Libra out of their shell," for this will only be met with animosity. Instead, Aries should think of a new and novel date that involves a quiet night in with a movie or a romantic dinner followed by passionate sex. The compatibility forecast 2014 for Aries and Libra looks very promising.

Aries - Scorpio

This year's forecast says that strong physical attraction–both beauty and handsomeness–will connect Aries and Scorpio. Each sign should read their personal horoscope to learn more about their 2014 forecast for blossoming love. Scorpio is intense and dark, and some might even say "mysterious," which leads Aries to follow like a lost puppy. But on a date, Aries will need to tone down their blatant desire in favor of more coy flirtations. Once Aries wins Scorpio over, both must beware of the downfall that jealousy can have on their relationship in the year 2014. On the up side, Scorpios are notoriously loyal, so if the jealousy can be tempered, only a loyal and devoted partner will be left. Astrology forecasts tells you to watch out for selfishness whatever you do in 2014, because both Aries and Scorpio can get caught up in themselves.

Aries - Sagittarius

Astrology points to Aries and Sagittarius finding love together in distinct ways in 2014. While it may start as a purely platonic relationship, you will soon see sparks fly in 2014, and the chemistry will start to simmer and blossom into a full blown relationship as you start dating. Start slow with an easy and fun date. Sagittarius likes to gamble, so they will definitely be game for anything. It will be harder to convince Aries at first, but once it happens, there will be no turning back. The natural confidence that emanates from both parties in the year 2014 will be amplified by what others will mistake for arrogance but is actually a joy of life and moxie that can't be matched in any other sign. Be wary that neither of you thinks too far ahead. Make plans now and follow through with them to avoid a disastrous end to what could be a lasting relationship.

Aries - Capricorn

Aries is used to being leader of the pack as the Ram, but with Capricorn (the Goat), the match is on. Watch out, Aries, for a wild ride, but it could be fun. Astrology says that Aries will obediently back down to the heavy respect brought by Capricorn's ruler, Saturn, who is always wise and strong. Both signs are noble and deserve respect, but Capricorn will take the driver's seat in this relationship (at least at the beginning of the new year 2014). For this reason, when dating, let Capricorn pick the first date and Aries can gain more foothold in the relationship slowly from there. After dating for a while, ambitious and hard-working Capricorn will loosen and learn to love the devotion and softness that Aries can offer in a relationship like this. As for sex, fiery Aries will lead the lustier side out of Capricorn, and the bedroom will become a haven of pleasure for these two signs.

Aries - Aquarius

The dating horoscope forecast 2014 for Aries and Aquarius says they will be turned on by each other because of their mutual love and respect for a witty remark and an all out laugh. Aries and Aquarius will crack a joke a minute when they're together on a date, and sex will be experimental and playful. Watch out though, there may not be the same deep emotional connection in this relationship as there would be with other astrological signs. Aquarius is progressive and idealistic in a great way, but this can often come off as aloof and too silly to be taken seriously. At the same time, Aries demands so much emotional attention during times of brooding sadness that you may not be able to handle each other. Meet up once in a while in 2014 to see if the right ingredients are there for a date and possibly more, but be ready to work at it if you want to see the Aries and Aquarius relationship go somewhere.

Aries - Pisces

The zodiac has a first sign and a last, and they are Aries and Pisces respectively. This opposition could at first make you miss each other in 2014. But if you keep a keen eye out, your horoscope forecast says you'll be bound to find yourself unexpectedly drawn to someone who may at first seem way off your radar. Don't be swayed by friends or family members who say you don't go together and should stop dating. Pisces is a die-hard romantic, so they will be hard to deter, anyway. The forecast for the year 2014 says that Aries will be drawn in by Pisces dreaminess, though Pisces can also appear irresponsible in his unwillingness to blindly adhere to social standards. Each of you will need to change your style of communication a bit, but overall the yearly horoscope forecast for 2014 is stellar for Aries and Pisces’ compatibility.

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