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2014 Compatibility Aquarius and Yearly Forecast

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2014 Aquarius Compatibility Forecast

2014 Compatibility Aquarius

Forecasts and Compatibility Horoscopes for Aquarius Year 2014
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Aries - Aquarius

The dating horoscope forecast 2014 for Aries and Aquarius says they will be turned on by each other because of their mutual love and respect for a witty remark and an all out laugh. Aries and Aquarius will crack a joke a minute when they're together on a date, and sex will be experimental and playful. Watch out though, there may not be the same deep emotional connection in this relationship as there would be with other astrological signs. Aquarius is progressive and idealistic in a great way, but this can often come off as aloof and too silly to be taken seriously. At the same time, Aries demands so much emotional attention during times of brooding sadness that you may not be able to handle each other. Meet up once in a while in 2014 to see if the right ingredients are there for a date and possibly more, but be ready to work at it if you want to see the Aries and Aquarius relationship go somewhere.

Taurus - Aquarius

The zodiac sign for Aquarius is off the charts an oddball. Artistic, fun and well-liked by everyone, the horoscope forecast for Aquarius in 2014 sees fame and fortune for their ambition. On the opposite side, Taurus, who seeks happiness in more traditional ways of life, will be at odds with people like Aquarius this year. That isn't to say that love isn't possible. If a successful union is in the cards for these two opposites, compromises will definitely need to be made by both parties. There is simply no way around it in this 2014 compatibility forecast. Aquarius will need to quell the desire to rebel against every single authority figure and traditional way of life, and Taurus needs to find some excitement by way of concerts, nights on the town and general human interaction.

Gemini - Aquarius

2014 will bring Aquarius and Gemini together in a yearly fling that has often led to nothing. This year, things will change. The shallow initial attractions of this pair, noted for their compatibility, will turn into a weathered love for each other. Aquarius must get over their childish aloofness, and realize that the world is not a place to idealize and neither is love in 2014. Similarly, often selfish Gemini must learn to give in to this union and respect the ideas and feelings of Aquarius. After the "infatuation" stage, both Gemini and Aquarius will find each other grasping for something to link themselves together this year. Perseverance and dedication will help in this, and a lovely pairing will show itself in time. The yearly forecast 2014 for Gemini and Aries looks very promising.

Cancer - Aquarius

2014 may not be the year for Cancer and Aquarius to become united, but friendship and a possible relationship in the future (which could lead to marriage) is definitely in the plan for a future year, so don't pass your Cancer or Aquarius by just yet in 2014. Remember that your affection for each other will be physical at first, but don't let yourselves think that that means your attraction is purely physical. Find a way to be friends, Cancer and Aquarius. Go out to clubs together in a large group or play a sport together for fun. You will make each other laugh, and you will probably find that you are friends first and foremost. Stick to it and in a year or two more will come. Although the compatibility forecast for 2014 for Cancer and Aries might not look that great at first, the new year will also bring new ties to these two signs.

Leo - Aquarius

Jealously may run rampant in the union of Leo and Aquarius in 2014. If you've been in a relationship for a while, you've already seen what nasty thoughts jealousy can lead to, so why not nip it in the bud this year of 2014? Leo should avoid being so obviously arrogant and pompous, and Aquarius should tone down the go-getter attitude. That is not to say that both should not work hard for success, for in no other year is business and financial success more in the horoscope forecast for Leo and Aquarius. This is the year to start a business or make that investment you've been thinking about. Go for it, and reap the benefits together. When you see success, celebrate with a night out, followed by a night in and some fiery sex. Leo and Aquarius can turn this year 2014 into an erotic love success if they are both up for it.

Virgo - Aquarius

The forecast for this pair is bleak in terms of initial sexual attraction, but the intellectual connection between Virgo and Aquarius is amazing. You will either meet at a social gathering or, if you are already together, you will have an amazing connecting moment at a social gathering in 2014. There, you will meet minds and realize the sizzling compatibility you have intellectually. The butterflies will start thereafter, and sexual tension between Virgo and Aquarius will grow until you can't stand it anymore. Both of these signs of the zodiac will be smart to pay attention to their yearly astrology forecast, for this will also tell you when you should make that big move. It could be moving in together or deciding to tie the knot. 2014 is a winning year for Virgo and Aquarius, that's for sure.

Libra - Aquarius

Aquarius tends to be a little aloof and idealistic says the basics of astrology, while Libra, the self-appointed judge of the zodiac world, concentrates on the facts. But you can't have it both ways, and that is why the forecast horoscope for this Libra-Aquarius union could be trouble in 2014. Dating may be frustrating from the get go. The saving grace? Sex. It's amazing, steamy and playful. This will keep Libra and Aquarius together for a while, but sex can't be the only element that holds up a relationship. At a certain point in 2014, Libra and Aquarius will both need to take a step back and examine whether or not you really want to go through with it all. If you do, put all your chips in. If not, get out while you can.

Scorpio - Aquarius

Aquarius and Scorpio may have high compatibility in 2014 if they are able to offer each other space from time to time. Scorpios, quiet and darkly subdued could get possessive over Air signs Aquarius, and this will most definitely irritate the often testy Aquarius. If this union is going to work in 2014, both signs will need to learn to live in harmony together. Therapy and close friends whom they can talk to individually will help. 2014 may prove difficult for this love match, but one thing is for sure, there will be nothing missing in the bedroom. Sexually speaking, a Scorpio, who enjoys slow and sensual sexual encounters will complement the fun and playful sexual nature of Aquarius. Sex cannot be the only strong pillar of this relationship in 2014, but it can help these two pull through and withstand the test of time.

Sagittarius - Aquarius

These two social butterflies are a love match says their astrology forecast for this year 2014. Dating will be easy between two people who love to talk as much as they love to eat delicious artisan foods. After dinner, a great idea for a Sagittarius-Aquarius date is something that involves excitement, adventure and the unknown. The Archer in Sagittarius wants to get outdoors, and people-person Water Carrier, Aquarius, wants to do something with a group. What about a date to play soccer or kickball outside in 2014? Horoscope says the forecast for Sagittarius and Aquarius is sunny skies ahead. Caution: Dreamy Aquarius can seem silly and aloof to wise Aquarius, but any snide remarks will hurt the delicate balance of the Sagittarius and Aquarius paring in 2014.

Capricorn - Aquarius

The 2014 forecast says there will be a definite love match between Aquarius and Capricorn. It's amazing what the power of "opposites attract" can accomplish. While down-to-earth Capricorn has an innate desire to stay and hang out at home, they are drawn to fun-loving Aquarius, who wants to get out into nature and experience life to the fullest in 2014. At the same time, Aquarius should check personal horoscopes daily for a time when taking the adventure and excitement down a notch will do them good. There comes a time for Aquarius when nesting indoors with a loyal and wise partner like Capricorn is just what the doctor ordered. A big decision is ahead for these two sexy signs, and it should be addressed quickly. Capricorns and Aquarius have loving and tender sex that can sometimes get wild and extra fun, and this will be no different in 2014.

Aquarius - Aquarius

Dating between two Aquarius signs is like two Hollywood celebrities getting together. They will both be attractive and fun-loving, and their friends and acquaintances will envy them. But will it really be a love match in 2014? On a date together, they may be all show, smiling and laughing, but when it comes to commitment and an inner connection, the astrology forecast for 2014 does not bode so well. For this union to turn into something real, both Aquarius will need to release their adoration for constant freedom and commit to something. Both should consistently read their weekly and yearly horoscopes. In their horoscope, they can find both weekly and yearly wisdom to help guide them down a mutual path together. If successful, they could possible find a lasting partner with whom they can share a love for culture and social change, fun physical activity and a hot and steamy sex life.

Aquarius - Pisces

Aquarius' yearly forecast may say that Pisces is not a good potential love or sex partner. Pisces, who have their head in the clouds will adore the progressive sensibilities of Aquarius, but Aquarius could find Pisces too poetic and dreamy, preferring a less emotionally driven love match in 2014. Whether Aquarius is right or not depends on their willingness to try new things and experiment. The horoscope forecast for Aquarius and Pisces says that they may meet during a business transaction or with some event having to do with money. In the bedroom, these two can do some serious damage in 2014. Both Aquarius and Pisces love to experiment sexually, and the resulting sexual encounters will be playful and wild. This could keep Aquarius enticed in the beginning, but both parties need to think long and hard about where this relationship is going before they proceed.

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