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Year 2008 Forecast and Horoscope for Virgo

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Virgo yearly horoscope for 2008

Year 2008 Horoscope Virgo

Astrological forecasts and horoscopes for the year of 2008
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2008 Forecast for Virgo:

This year Virgo your love and sex life continues to be full of chaos and surprises. Upheaval is your keyword in 2008. This is because Uranus, the planet of unexpected and sudden events, has been living in your 7th house of partnerships for the past few years and is not leaving anytime soon.

The good news is that your sex life and ability to have some fun in love is going to get better. So in 2008 surprise might actually be a good thing.

Virgo Love & Romance Life 2008:

For the Virgo in a relationship it will continue to be rocky. I don't see how anything in your partnership could remain the same in 2008 if you managed to survive this far.

You have been in the midst of severe life changes over the past year and if your current love and sex life managed to remain the same then it looks like this year you're in for one final upset. The closing Eclipse in your sign on 2/20 is a Lunar Eclipse in early Virgo and will suggest an ultimate culmination of all the relationship issues you have been experiencing.

The bedlam could finally take a nap and for the rest of 2008 it is a time to revolutionize your partnership.

Single & Dating Virgo 2008:

For the Virgo who is single and dating you will be happy to hear what I'm going to tell you. You will have the best sex of your life this year. Yes, the best sex of your life.

Look to 1/25 - 2/17 as a time period when you will get a delightful taste of what's to come in the next year. At this time loving Venus will be aligned with Jupiter in your 5th house and Pluto voyeurs in on the 25th as well ensuring that the sex will be magnetic, intense and transforming.

There will still be plenty of surprises in your love life this year, but I think most of them have to do with fun, experimental sexual experiences on your horizon. By the end of 2008 you are sure to experience the biggest bang of all.

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