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Year 2008 Forecast and Horoscope for Taurus

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Taurus yearly horoscope for 2008

Year 2008 Horoscope Taurus

Astrological forecasts and horoscopes for the year of 2008
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2008 Forecast for Taurus:

Taurus, we all know how much you love sex. As the most sensual sign of the zodiac, the pursuit of physical pleasure is always high on your "to do" list.

This year however, Saturn, the taskmaster of the zodiac will be touring your 5th house of love and sex demanding you to refine your approach to sexual gratification. Depending on how you decide to embrace Saturn's lessons, love in 2008 can either pass the test of time or be denied.

Sex in 2008 can become more refined or be taken away completely because this year you are meant to learn the greatest lesson of love; it requires a lot of hard work!

Taurus Love & Romance Life 2008:

If you're a Taurus in a relationship then 2008 is likely to bring its share of trials and tribulations. Your best time to work these out are going to be when Venus, the planet of love and harmony, and your ruler, will be in supportive alignment to stern Saturn so that it softens some of his nagging and criticizing of your love and sex life.

These opportunities are from 1/25-2/17 when Venus is in Capricorn and will also align beautifully to Jupiter, the planet of luck, adding extra protection. Then from 5/1-5/24 Venus moves into Taurus. Having your ruling planet in your sign will be a time in 2008 when your powers of receptivity are at their very best. Love, sex and all the pleasures in life are going to be yours no matter what Saturn has to say about it!

Then from 8/7-8/30 Venus enters Virgo. Expect a karmic test to your relationship. If you pass, your sex and love life will become deeper and stronger and the rest of the year should be divine. Your best sex will occur between 11/17 and 12/27 when Mars, the planet of sex is touring your house of eroticism.

Single & Dating Taurus 2008:

If you're a Taurus playing the dating game there could be plenty of drama and emotion surrounding your love and sexual life in 2008 thanks to a Lunar Eclipse on February 20th that falls in your 5th house.

In May you'll be hotter than the Sun however and should be able to snag any sexual encounter you desire. By June your sex life has more of a "stop and go" feel as Mars enters your 5th house until 8/19 providing sexual energy but Saturn will be on his tail restricting this energy somewhat.

Single Taurus, this is where you need to learn you can eat your cake, but sometimes need to skip the frosting.

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