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Year 2008 Forecast and Horoscope for Leo

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Leo yearly horoscope for 2008

Year 2008 Horoscope Leo

Astrological forecasts and horoscopes for the year of 2008
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2008 Forecast for Leo:

Leo your love and sex life in 2008 is going to be either a dream come true or your worst nightmare turned into reality. It all depends on how you handle the energy of two major Eclipses that fall in your 7th house of committed relationships.

Leo Love & Romance Life 2008:

For the Leo in a relationship, this year there might be confusion surrounding commitment. You want it all when it comes to love and sex Leo, and you would never consider settling for less. However, in 2008 you do have to take off the rose colored glasses and recognize that there is the possibility of you only seeing what you want in love.

Although the sex will still be full of surprises and unexpected twists and turns, this year there is the potential for some deception. You might be feeling particularly mystified after the Solar Eclipse of 2/6 which will bring a powerful new beginning to the relationship with your sexual mate. The confusion lies in your ability to trust, and only you know for sure if you can take this leap of faith. This Eclipse will either bring you one step closer to heaven, or be a nasty wake up call.

By August 2008 you take on a major personality change and find yourself in the midst of personal new beginnings between a Solar Eclipse in your sign on the 1st and then a Lunar Eclipse on the 16th in your 7th house. At this time, you will know for sure if you've outgrown your partner or if this relationship is going to last. The key to harnessing the energy of your sex and love life in 2008 is to use make sure the only body part you use when making decisions of a romantic nature is your brain!

Single & Dating Leo 2008:

If you're a single Leo then 2008 could be a time when you make a transition in love. Last year you enjoyed a lot of sex. I mean a lot!

Jupiter, the planet of expansion was frolicking in your 5th house of sex, fun and romance and I can see how playful, carefree sex was the name of your Leo game. This year however, the party will get more serious. Now that Jupiter is in your 6th house of work and because Jupiter rules your 5th house of love it suggests a spicy office romance could materialize for you this year.

The Eclipse on 2/6 might bring in a new partner with commitment potential and by August of 2008 the Eclipses will certainly take the romance to its next level.

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