Year 2008 Forecast and Horoscope for Scorpio
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Year 2008 Forecast and Horoscope for Capricorn

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Capricorn yearly horoscope for 2008

Year 2008 Horoscope Capricorn

Astrological forecasts and horoscopes for the year of 2008
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2008 Forecast for Capricorn:

Capricorn your love and sex life in 2008 is certainly going to be expansive! You are the celestial favorite all year long since Jupiter, the planet of luck and growth is in your sign providing extra special gifts and opportunities.

Some of these will directly affect your love life as new people enter into your world, adding color and depth if you're single, and a favorable escalation period with that special someone if you're attached.

Either way Capricorn, whether you're single or taken your key phrase this year is sure to be "lucky in love."

Capricorn Love & Romance Life 2008:

If you are a Capricorn in a relationship at the start of 2008 then it's likely to be smooth sailing all year.

While Jupiter in your sign and touring your 1st house of the self will prove to be a year where you need to explore opportunities for your own personal development, at the same time Jupiter's opposition to your house of partnership will expand your fulfillment if things are going well in the relationship. If you have been in a rough patch with your love, then Jupiter might continue to do its job and simply expand what's already there. That means if there are already problems as 2008 begins the rest of the year could be defined by those problems intensifying. But with Jupiter in your corner, I know you can turn any potential love frowns upside down!

The Solar Eclipse on August 1st of this year will fall in your 8th house of sex and intimacy creating new opportunities of sexual intensity with your partner for the rest of 2008.

Single & Dating Capricorn 2008:

If you are a single and dating Capricorn in 2008 then you are sure to meet plenty of new and exciting sex and love prospects with Jupiter expanding your persona and appeal all year long.

When Venus is in your sign along with Jupiter from 1/25 - 2/17 you are guaranteed to be the most irresistible sign of the zodiac. With the planet of expansion aligned with the planet of love in your sign Capricorn, there is nothing but a universal green light ahead for love and sex in early 2008! The fact that your 5th house of love and romance is ruled by Taurus, a fellow earth sign, bodes well for your forecast of love success as well.

In fact, when Venus enters fellow earth sign Taurus and tours your 5th house from 5/1 - 5/24 you can expect your love life to get particularly lusty. Taurus energy is deeply sensual and when it comes to your sex life in May, you just want to get right down to business!

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