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Year 2008 Forecast and Horoscope for Cancer

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Cancer yearly horoscope for 2008

Year 2008 Horoscope Cancer

Astrological forecasts and horoscopes for the year of 2008
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2008 Forecast for Cancer:

Cancer you are in for a major transitional year in 2008 in terms of love, sex, and relationship. The key to handling what is likely to come your way will be cultivating a fearless approach to intimacy.

You simply cannot be afraid to dig deep in 2008 Cancer because if you are, you'll be buried in overly dramatized sex and relationship intensity.

We're not going to let this happen. This year, it's time to take control of your love life.

Cancer Love & Romance Life 2008:

For any Cancer in a relationship you might find power struggles slowly creeping towards you in 2008. Your partner is going to demand a new intensity in terms of sex and commitment and you'd better be prepared to deliver or he or she will call your bluff and blow things out of proportion all year long.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion is in your 7th house of relationships all year, expanding the good, bad and ugly in your love life but Pluto, the ultimate agent of transformation, is giving you the slightest taste in 2008 of a major period of rebirth that's coming to your partnerships. The sexual boundaries between you and your partner also seem to disappear this year.

The Solar Eclipse on 2/6 and then the Lunar Eclipse on 8/16 will underscore major time periods in 2008 when you will lose yourself in ecstasy. Just try not to drown in sex and love since nebulous Neptune is also touring your 8th house of intimacy creating plenty of confusion.

Single & Dating Cancer 2008:

For the single Cancer it's also possible to lose yourself in sexual experiences this year. Eclipses are life altering, super charged time periods that are guaranteed to change a part of you in a fundamental way.

The Eclipses falling in your 8th house will tempt you to escape from your intimacy issues but in 2008 whether you like it or not Cancer you're going to transcend them. Expect great sexual energy from 3/5 - 5/9 when Mars in Cancer gives you a special boost.

Expect loving, playful sex between 9/25 and 10/18 when Venus, the planet of love, kisses your 5th house of sex and romance and expect the more lusty, passionate sex between 10/5 and 11/16 when Mars, the planet of sex and action takes it's turn in your 5th.

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